Obamacare Thrown Out by Judge, Raising Insurance Uncertainty. About time someone threw this ripoff out the door.

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Trump to host Schumer and Pelosi for dinner to discuss DACA, health care. Oh my. We can only imagine how fast McConnell’s and Ryan’s RINO fatheads are spinning right about now. It appears Trump is giving them the middle finger again.

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Sweden’s Trademark Universal Healthcare On Its Deathbed. Yep, the “free” stuff is coming to an end, turns out it’s not free nor is it fast. With the “free” stuff if you like your cancer you can keep your cancer.

“Visitors are sometimes surprised to learn about year-long waiting times for cancer patients.”

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OBAMACARE TIGHTENS YOKE ON SMALL BUSINESS. Own a business with 50 employees or more? You’re screwed. Work for a business with 50 employees or more? You may be soon looking for a job or reduced to part time hours.

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Obama pulls the rug out from under NJ doctors’ Medicaid reimbursement rates. Reducing Doctor’s already low pay rates by approximately 50% certainly  isn’t a great way to get healthcare for the poor if it drives many of them to quit taking Medicaid patients. Eleventy!

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Obama Adviser Jonathan Gruber In 2009: Obamacare Will NOT Be Affordable. Lying bastard.

“The real substance of cost control is all about a single thing: telling patients they can’t have something they want. It’s about telling patients, ‘That surgery doesn’t do any good, so if you want it you have to pay the full cost.’”

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Here It Comes – Mitch McConnell Says More Important to Say “Yes” To Big Government, Than Attempt Defunding ObamaCare…. Meet the new Speaker of the House, Mitch McConnell. Henceforth referred to as Mitch – Obama’s bitch.

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The Shocking Three Words Darrell Issa Asked Jonathan Gruber During Obamacare Hearing. Weasel alert! Weasel Alert!

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Even Organized Labor Is Suing Over Obamacare. Maybe they’ll all go broke due to Obamacare. Wouldn’t that be a hoot.

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Report: Obamacare is Screwing Cancer, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis And Patients With Other Chronic Diseases. Affordable….hahahahahahahha! The jokes on everyone.

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NYT: WORKING-CLASS DISGUST WITH DEMOCRATS HITTING ‘DANGEROUS LEVELS.’ Yes we all love having our insurance rates go up to pay for people who won’t work. You’d think we were stupid or something, oh wait.

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Proposed Rule: Obama Admin Wants To Pick Your Obamacare Plan For You. We’ll tell you which healthcare plan you can like and keep.

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They had to pass it to find out what was in it and now it’s been discovered that Obamacare contains an appetite suppressant. Specifically, the uncertainty the bill creates regarding future healthcare costs suppresses any appetite companies may have for investing money in their operations.

At least, that’s what CKE Restaurants (owner of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr restaurants) CEO Andy Puzder says in this video:

Healthcare is probably the most significant unknown at the moment. People are unsure how much it will impact their business but they know … it will be negative. It’s very hard to model the costs because the [Obamacare] bill was so complex and it’s very difficult to find people that understand it. We have a national healthcare … consultant that we use …. and the range that they gave us for our healthcare costs increasing at CKE restaurants was between $7.3 and $35.1 million dollars. That’s a huge range… Their estimate was that it would increase our healthcare costs by about 18 million dollars. We spent about 9 million dollars last year building new restaurants so that would be totally wiped out.

OK, demolishing the only “achievement” he has to show for his political career ain’t as much fun for Obama as taking bus tours or dropping mega-bucks for a train from Nadaville to Zerotown. But if he’s serious about creating jobs, the surest way is to remove his roadblocks and let those who normally do it, do it. That’s the problem.

Unfortunately, allowing the private sector to create jobs now would mean Obamacare, the Stimulus and all of his Keynesian delusions were wrong. Ensuring high unemployment and blaming his opponents appears to be the strategy around which his 2012 campaign is wrapped.

Obama has to make sure nothing (nor anyone) works.

PS – Your new Carl’s Jr. advertising campaign sucks, Andy. Dull, dull, dull.

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Poor Nancy Pelosi. She’s not Speaker of the House anymore and now she’s being accused by her loony left constituents in Oakland, California of eating a Satan sandwich.

So what’s in a Satan sandwich? Well, you have one half white bread, one half black bread, you fill it with un-sliced baloney and garnish it with lots of malaise mayonaise. It also comes with a side dish of B.S.

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We’ve all heard how the universally-despised debt ceiling deal did absolutely nothing but that may be incorrect. An unexpected benefit may emerge: the death of Obamacare.

It would be a delicious irony, as Hercule Poirot said in “Murder on the Orient Express”, if “…a repulsive murderer has himself been repulsively, and, perhaps deservedly, murdered.” In our case, the murderer is Obama’s signature economy-killing achievement.

obamacare-economyPolitico relays the rumors:

The debt ceiling agreement could jeopardize millions of dollars, and perhaps billions, in initiatives from President Barack Obama’s health care reform law if the super committee can’t come up with required spending cuts.

Many of the pots of money in the law — one of the Democrats’ most prized pieces of legislation — could get trimmed by the debt deal’s sequestration, or triggered cuts.

ObamaCare is a “booby prize” being it was created by a bunch of boobs. It’s authors remind us of the dopey kid who ran to his mom with a handful of crap yelling, “Ma, look what the dog just did!”

“There are at least 15 provisions of the Obama health care law that will find themselves subject to this trigger if the committee is not able to come up with other cuts,” said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.).

Death by a thousand cuts? Great, make that piece of crap suffer.

The fact that the programs are vulnerable at all means Obama and congressional Democrats did not succeed in their attempts to shield the health reform law from the debt-deal trigger.

Just another thing the a-holes didn’t read. That’s a shame. A real shame.

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Source: Politico.com

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House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) admitted something that seems obvious in retrospect – Republicans were so pissed off about the way ObamaCare was passed that they refused to budget on the debt ceiling.

But his interpretation of the budget deal varies considerably from ours.


Why is this man smiling?

The Hill has the specifics:

Hoyer, speaking on CNBC, said he thought part of the reason Republicans have refused to compromise with Democrats on the debt-ceiling package was because of how House Democrats pushed through the Obama administration’s healthcare law.

“I think that’s accurate,” Hoyer said Friday. “I don’t think healthcare was handled the way it should’ve been, but let me tell you why: There was an openness to compromise, but the Republicans said, ‘Look, we don’t like your plan, we’re not going to go there at all,’” Hoyer said.

Steny, dude, far be it from us to intrude on your fantasy with a note of reality, but if there was no openness to compromise, the budget would have been slashed.

Source: The Hill

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We’ve long thought the way out of the Obamacare mess is to let the damn bill stand, but make everyone exempt from it. That way, the President gets to keep his “signature achievement” and we get to escape his half-witted Marxist quackery.

john barrasso

They've already granted 1500 exemptions. Why not 310,000,000?

Our new BFF, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) is on the same page. We quote from his statement:

“As of today, over 3.2 million Americans have received a get out of Obamacare free pass from the Administration. If the law worked well, companies and unions would not demand a way out of its expensive mandates. Each waiver demonstrates that the President’s health care law is a complete failure. The law continues to crush jobs, increase premiums and encourage government controlled health care.

“It’s not fair that a particular group of Americans, including union employees, don’t have to abide by the law. Millions of other Americans across the country deserve the same freedom.

“Next week, I will introduce a bill that will allow all Americans to apply for a waiver from the President’s health care law. This law will deliver choice to Americans who want to get the care they need, from the doctor they want, at a price they can afford.”

The word “choice” used in a context other than abortions is a change we can believe in. We would love to see more bills like this introduced week after week until Obama retires. Hopefully, in January 2013.

Surely Democrat and media heads will explode but not to worry, flying feces rarely causes injury.

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Source: Barrasso.senate.gov

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Obamacare is like any other pile of feces – you gotta pass it to find out what’s in it. One year later, Obama’s signature piece of legislative diarrhea still reeks with surprises.

Yahoo has the latest poop:

[Obamacare] would let several million middle-class people get nearly free insurance meant for the poor, a twist government number crunchers say they discovered only after the complex bill was signed.


If you think healthcare is expensive now...oh, wait, that's what the sign says

… 3 million more people could qualify for Medicaid in 2014 [because]…. most of their Social Security benefits would no longer be counted as income for determining eligibility. It might be compared to allowing middle-class people to qualify for food stamps.…administration officials and senior Democratic lawmakers say it’s not a loophole but the result of a well-meaning effort to simplify rules for deciding who will get help with insurance costs….

Good intentions, the best pavement for certain roads we know. But who’s getting pooped on?

…states have been clamoring for relief from Medicaid costs, complaining that just these sorts of federal rules drive up spending and limit state options.

States, the guys that CAN’T print money at will. This will be fixed ASAP, then….

A spokeswoman for the Senate Finance Committee… said if the situation does become a problem there’s plenty of time to fix it later.

Sure, things will be less hectic after the apocalypse. Now for the good news…

“The fact that this is being discovered now tells you, what else is baked into this law?” said [Mike] Leavitt, [HHS secretary under President Bush.]

Yeah, that Obama is some baker.

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Source: Associated Press via Yahoo

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Besides being a ridiculous bureaucratic monstrosity destined to fail, one thing we’ve always found troublesome about ObamaCare is its individual mandate provision. Now there’s good news: a way to avoid the mandate which is so easy, one need do nothing at all!

neal kumar katyal

Neal Kumar Katyal: From the halls of academe to the halls of stupidite

The Washington Examiner reveals the details:

[Neal Kumar Katyal] President Obama’s solicitor general, defending the national health care law on Wednesday, told a federal appeals court that Americans who didn’t like the individual mandate could always avoid it by choosing to earn less money.

You’re probably asking “Why didn’t I think of that?” We posited this would also be a foolproof way to avoid taxes. But, as usual, there is a catch….

The so-called “hardship exemption” in the health care law is limited, and only applies to people who cannot obtain insurance for less than 8 percent of their income. So earning less isn’t necessarily a solution, because it could then qualify the person for government-subsidized insurance which could make their contribution to premiums fall below the 8 percent threshold.

No problem. ObamaCare is driving premiums up and Obama’s economy is driving wages and employment down. Shortly, everyone financially south of Donald Trump will be exempt.

But what would happen if large numbers of folks employed this tactic? Wouldn’t that cause economic calamity? Well, more economic calamity? And with the economic pie shriveling, who’s gonna pay for all those subsidies? Perhaps we’ve stumbled upon a flaw in Obamacare and socialism in general.

And for once it wasn’t Joe Biden who inadvertently blurted out the truth.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: Washington Examiner

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The Obama administration isn’t good at much, but it has mastered the art of burying bad news by releasing it late on Friday afternoons.

The theory is that most reporters have taken off early to investigate the effect of bloody Marys on the human body, so bad news will get lost in the weekend shuffle.

Obamacare waivers

The Obama administration has mastered the fine art of the Friday afternoon document dump

Fortunately, this story didn’t slip by the folks over at The Hill:

The Obama administration approved 204 new waivers to Democrats’ healthcare reform law over the past month, bringing the total to 1,372.

The waivers are temporary and only apply to one provision of the law, which requires health plans to offer at least $750,000 worth of annual medical benefits before leaving patients to fend for themselves. Still, Republicans have assailed the waivers as a sign of both favoritism and of major problems with the law.

“The fact that over 1,000 waivers have been granted is a tacit admission that the healthcare law is fundamentally flawed,” Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) said in March. Upton is one of three House committee chairmen who has used new oversight powers to investigate the annual limit waivers.

We haven’t yet seen this new list of exemptions, but if it looks anything like previous lists, it’s a hodgepodge of unions, healthcare providers and other big Democrat contributors.

Would someone please grant us a waiver from this administration?

Source: The Hill

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If you can’t afford a doctor, go to the airport. You’ll get a free x-ray and breast exam and if you mention Al-Qaeda, you’ll get a free colonoscopy.

Although there’s been no formal announcement, we suspect this is all part of the long-awaited cost savings program promised with ObamaCare.

tsa groping

H/T: LARadio.com

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71% of the state voted against implementing ObamaCare last year. And the attorney general is running for reelection next year. Far be it from us to suggest that he jumped ship to preserve his own career, but…


Republican turned Democrat Chris Koster felt a little ill as he watched the election results in November

The New York Times ruefully reports the story:

Missouri’s Democratic attorney general broke with his party on Monday and urged a federal judge to invalidate the central provision of the new health care law.

The filing of the brief by Attorney General Chris Koster, a onetime Republican state legislator who switched to the Democratic Party in 2007, underscores the act’s political tenuousness in a critical Midwestern swing state.

Mr. Koster’s action followed months of pressure from state Republicans that he join attorneys general from other states who are challenging the constitutionality of the law.

Rather than join the litigation, however, Mr. Koster chose to file a “friend of the court” brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, which is reviewing one of five challenges to the act that have moved into the midlevel appellate courts.

Koster felt the earthquake in November, now he’s simply trying to get out of the way before the tsunami hits.

Source: New York Times

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Nancy Pelosi famously said, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” Well, Nance, the American people have now had a full year to find out what’s in it and they don’t much like what they’ve found.

The latest CNN poll cements Pelosi’s place in history:

One year after President Barack Obama signed the health care reform bill into law, a new national poll indicates that attitudes toward the plan have not budged.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Wednesday, on the one year anniversary of the signing of the law, 37 percent of Americans support the measure, with 59 percent opposed. That’s basically unchanged from last March, when 39 percent supported the law and 59 percent opposed the measure.

“It’s worth remembering that opposition to the bill came from both the left and the right last year, and that has not changed either,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “In 2010, about a quarter of the health care bill’s opponents disliked the bill because it was not liberal enough – the same as today. That works out to 13 percent of all Americans who oppose the bill because it did not go far enough. Forty-three percent oppose it because it was too liberal.”

Considering that President Obama has already granted more than 1,000 waivers to this bloated pig of a bill, it appears that even those who supported it don’t like what they’ve found in it.

Is it 2012 yet?

Source: CNN

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Goodness gracious sakes alive. Good golly. Gee willikers. And holy friggin’ moly. That Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is a real garbage mouth when it comes to describing ObamaCare.


Orrin Hatch, who normally wouldn't say shit if he had a mouthful, had a mouthful to say about ObamaCare

TheHill.com reports on a recent Hatch speech:

During at an appearance at an event sponsored by the Utah State University College Republicans, Hatch was asked whether he thought the nation’s healthcare system needs serious reforms. He acknowledged that states have different problems when it comes to healthcare, but called the federal law Democrats passed last year a “dumb-ass program” that will not solve them.

“Every state has different demographics, every state has different problems,” Hatch said, according to a Utah Statesman report published Monday. “It’s good to allow them to work out their own problems rather than a one-size-fits-all federal government, dumb-ass program. It really is an awful piece of crap.”

“Dumb-ass, awful piece of crap.” Too damn funny. And, unfortunately, too damn accurate.


Source: TheHill.com

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If you’re like us, and for your sake we pray to god that you’re not, you’re probably wondering what offensive word begins with the letter “o.”

TheHill.com has the story of Republicans’ o-verly o-ffended o-pponents:

House Republicans and Democrats started Friday morning’s debate over whether to defund last year’s healthcare law, and as part of this debate sparred over whether members should be allowed to call that law “ObamaCare.”

After two House Republicans called it “ObamaCare,” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) asked the chairman whether these “disparaging” remarks should be allowed on the House floor.

“That is a disparaging reference to the president of the United States; it is meant as a disparaging reference to the president of the United States, and it is clearly in violation of the House rules against that,” she said.

Of course, Wasserman Schultz’ idiotic plea only egged on Republicans, who ratcheted up their efforts:

… Rep. Denny Rehberg (Mont.), who sponsored the amendment to defund the law, said he refers to it as ObamaCare and said, “You would think he wants his name attached to his signature legislation.

“So we call it what it is,” he continued. “It is ObamaCare. It’s a travesty. It is big government. It is not controlling healthcare costs, and it needs to be repealed and today we’re going to try to defund it to the best of our ability. And if we’re not successful this time, we’re going to try again and again and again until we either have a Senate that’s willing to pass it or a president that understands that we cannot do this to the American people.”

If they’re going to begin banning words from the floor of the House we can think of three more they should consider:

Debbie. Wasserman. Schultz.

Source: TheHill.com

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