Trump to host Schumer and Pelosi for dinner to discuss DACA, health care. Oh my. We can only imagine how fast McConnell’s and Ryan’s RINO fatheads are spinning right about now. It appears Trump is giving them the middle finger again.

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Damn Paulie and droopy. It seems that the two of you along with the rest of the limp RINOs do not get it. Trump is about getting things done. You two are about kissing the asses of those who have put money into your pockets. Droopy the next time you make stupid statements in N KY, make sure that all the phones are off. You looked like a true RINO ass kissing douche bag. Talking out your ass. For the last 7 years you have been saying give us this and give us that. Well you two dumbasses now have it all and still can not get any important legislation done. Time to go boys


Getting things done? What is he getting done except amnesty for illegals?


Not much. Other than Gorsuch, I can’t really name any legislation he has signed. If I missed something, let me know.
BTW, executive orders don’t count. They didn’t count for Barky, and they don’t count for Trump.
I know he’s getting resistance, and have given him a chance to overcome it, but other than making a deal with the Devil (Schumer and Piglosi) I don’t see it happening.

Joe Redfield

How long before Antifa goes all Robespierre on Chuck & Nancy for dining with Satan’s evil twin?

barbiegirl ny

Sorry, Swamp Thing is giving US ALL the finger.