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Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, 44th president of the United States — socialist, radical, and enemy of Americans who believe in the constitution. Here are hundreds of articles on this man.

Greg Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, indicted for alleged false statements. Nice to see Mueller didn’t just go after Trump people. Up next Tony Podesta?

The Washington-based lawyer was indicted by a grand jury in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for allegedly falsifying and concealing “material facts” and making false statements to the DOJ National Security Division’s Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) Unit, which is responsible for enforcing foreign lobbying laws.

Separately, another Mueller-referred investigation into Clinton-linked Washington insider Tony Podesta related to his overseas lobbying work is also reportedly heating up.

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When Gun Violence Felt Like a Disease, a City in Delaware Turned to the C.D.C. So hundreds of millions of gun owners are supposed to give up their right to bear arms because of a few hundred or less assholes per city. No way!

“The majority of individuals involved in urban firearm violence are young men with substantial violence involvement preceding the more serious offense of a firearm crime,” the report said. “Our findings suggest that integrating data systems could help these individuals better receive the early, comprehensive help that they need to prevent violence involvement.”

“You’ve got maybe a few hundred holding the city hostage,” a county councilman, Jea P. Street, said.


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Nausea Alert: Barack and Michelle Obama’s Love Story Coming to Theaters. Theme song? We suggest Baby Got Back.

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Barack Obama: ‘We are and always will be a nation of immigrants’: America has always been a nation of immirants, true enough. This fiat rule by an imperial president that answers neither to the people nor their democratically elected representatives in congress . . . that part is new.

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We bow to the genius of Walter Russell Mead. In fact, this is one guy we wouldn’t mind seeing President Obama bow to.


The solution to all our problems

Mead’s article at explains that green jobs are complete nonsense or, if you prefer, complete bullshit:

The belief that green jobs would drive a new era of American prosperity was — like the large majority of green policy chat — intellectually incoherent. The goods that drive renewable energy industries, like so much else in this world, are far cheaper to construct in Asia. As the NYT piece describes, SolFocus, a widely-celebrated solar power company based, only has 90 employees at their San Jose headquarters. The solar panels are assembled in China. Whether a product is an ordinary t-shirt or an admirable piece of world saving green technology like a wind turbine has zilch, zero, nada influence on the mind of the manufacturer trying to decide where it should be made.

Get ready. Here comes the idea that’s destined to win Mead a shelf full of Nobels:

There are perhaps some green jobs that would be exceptions; we could eliminate all forms of welfare and food stamps and offer the unemployed minimum wage jobs pedaling stationary bicycles hooked up to electric generators, solving our budget, poverty, obesity and energy independence problems all at once — but these are not the jobs either the President or his supporters have in mind.

Genius, Walter, absolute genius.

Our advice: If you have any equity left in your house, mortgage it. Invest in exercise bikes.

Source: The American Interest

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Charles Blow, the New York Times columnist who seems to spend his fantasy time fellating Barack Obama, surprised the world by writing something critical about The One.

Of course, force of habit required that he spend the first 2/3 of his column setting up the criticism by comparing Republicans to robots but then he did the unthinkable and concluded by nothing Obama’s cold, aloof robotic personality:


Charles Blow, perhaps the most appropriately named man in the world

Blow, Charles, blow:

But one person I never thought would fall into this valley was Barack Obama, the charismatic candidate who electrified the electorate in 2008 and whom many saw as the fulfillment of the dream of the even-more-electrifying Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet here Obama is, down in the valley, struggling to connect with the American people and failing, increasingly coming across as dispassionate to some and outright revolting to others.

A robotic Sustainer-in-Chief with an eerie inhumanity will not satisfy.

And we know from countless previous columns that Charles likes to be satisfied by President Obama.

Source: New York Times

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We’ve always thought that many government workers were dumber than a rock, but this takes government mandated you can’t fix stupid to a whole new level.

Believe if or not, OSHA now has a new app for your smart phone that will tell you when it’s too hot outside.


Doesn't need an app to know when it's too hot outside

But the problem is the workers have to be in the area they’re trying to measure, which means they’re already outside — and therefore already know it’s hot.

Hell, even the IHTM dog knows enough to come inside when it’s too hot outside and he’s not even a very smart dog. If you’re so friggin’ stupid that you can’t tell if it’s too hot outside or not, how do you even hold a job to begin with? Well, considering some of the bureaucrats we’ve dealt with, we retract that question.

The government already gives out free cell phones via the Safelink Wireless program. We suppose this app will be an excellent excuse for them expand that program to give out smart phones to minimum wage workers and welfare queens nationwide.

We can hear King Obama now. “Vote for me and I’ll put a smart phone in every pocket and an EBT card in every wallet.” Can you think of a better way to maximize the use of your new Obama Twitter account to send out campaign messages to those poor voters?

Note to government workers: If you’re getting wet that probably means it’s raining.

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Source: Fox News

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Recently retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has always understood the value of a good story. He’s kept fans, reporters and other players entertained for a couple decades.

shaquille-onealShaq’s new autobiography, Shaq Uncut, was just released and he tells the story of how Barack Obama’s impact on the NBA has been just as impressive as his impact on the economy:

In early March some of the guys went to the museum of Fine Arts for a fund-raiser and got to hang with President Barack Obama. Everyone was a little bit in awe. The President turns to Ray [Allen], points at Rondo, and says, “Hey, Ray, why don’t you teach this kid how to shoot?” Everyone starts laughing.

… KG told me he saw the look on Rondo’s face and the kid was devastated, embarrassed. Dissed by the President, even though I’m sure Obama didn’t mean any harm. Rondo smiled and went along with all of it, but KG told me he could see it in his eyes. It bothered Rondo. It killed him.

The next day Rondo shot the ball horribly. He stopped taking shots after that. He’s so sensitive. I think it was a real jolt to hear the outside perception of a basketball fan who happens to be the President of the United States. It messed with his mind. I’m sure of it.

Rondo’s monthly shooting percentages from November to February were 54%, 58%, 50% and 48%.

After hearing the President’s comments it dropped to 41% in March and 40% in April.

Nice work, coach.

Source: Yahoo Sports

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Yes! President Obama’s new jobs plan seems to be producing amazing results already, even though it’s still not out. More proof that he’s the smartest president ever! What’s the anointed one done now, you ask?


Looks like they'll be needing less space at the Bank of America Tower

This week’s success is Bank of America, which just made the following announcement:

Bank of America Corp. is cutting 3,500 employees this quarter and working on restructuring plans that will ax several thousand more jobs, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times reported citing people familiar with the situation.

The reports Friday said that the job cuts at the biggest U.S. bank by assets might exceed 10,000 or about 3.5 percent of its current work force.

This must be part of the President’s new jobs stimulus plan that he’s still working on after 2 ½ years in office. We’re sure his new plan will soon produce billions, millions, thousands, hundreds, OK so 20 jobs, after he’s done partying with those rich folks he hates at Martha’s Vineyard and gives another speech about his new jobs program.

Way to go, Mr. President! Way. To. Go. With successes like your Downgrade Bus Tour, where you talked about American jobs while riding in a Canadian-built bus and the B of A job success, we should all be in soup lines in no time at all.

And that just means you’ll soon be taking credit for saving and creating all those jobs in the kitchen making the soup.

– Written by CO2Insanity

Source: My Fox LA

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Conventional wisdom (commonly known as “the wrong explanation”) proffers the Keynsian theory that the government deficit spending required to wage WWII stimulated the economy and eventually ended the depression of the 1930s.


John Maynard Keynes can't help but smile while thinking, "I can't believe they bought the load of crap I was selling."

Rand Simberg presents an alternative explanation:

The real reason that we recovered was that once the war was on, FDR was too distracted by it to continue to tinker with the economy, as he had during the thirties, keeping it continually sick (much like a medieval doctor continuing to bleed a patient). He had to get arms production up and could no longer afford all of his random pet nostrums.

Had Roosevelt lived, after the war, he probably would have returned to his damaging tinkering, and in fact Truman wanted to, but the new Republican Congress that came in in 1946 wouldn’t let him, and so finally, after a decade and a half of disastrous Democrat policies, the economy finally recovered, and even boomed. But it doesn’t mean that the solution is a war, or even the “moral equivalent” of one. It means that the solution is sane government.

“Sane government” is an oxymoron. Politics is the path to power and riches for otherwise talentless people. A typical politician is like a hot air balloon: a big bag of gas with a little man underneath.

The first Great Depression ended when WWII forced FDR to get out of the economy’s way. This should be food for thought for the severly malnourished Barack Obama.

-by Bonfire of the Absurdities


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Poll after poll spells out bad news for President Obama’s reelection bid, but now the beleaguered president can breathe a giant sigh of relief thanks to some news that’s sure to reinvigorate his rabid left wing base.

Obama has landed the coveted Castro endorsement.


Castrobama: It's tough to tell where one ends and the other begins

The Real Cuba reported:

Mariela Castro, daughter of Cuban dictator Raul Castro, asked three US congressmen who are currently visiting Cuba, to support Barack Obama for a second term to allow him the “opportunity to make things better,” according to a statement posted at her website on Thursday.

Mariela Castro “expressed the view that President Obama should be excused the failures of his first term and support him for a second term, which would give him the opportunity to make things better,” said a statement from the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX), which she leads, on its website

Castro also asked the three pro-Castro congressmen visiting Cuba, Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Sam Farr to “make a bigger effort” to obtain the freedom of the five Cuban spies who are currently in US jails.

Congratulations to President Obama! With all the bad polling news he’s heard lately, it’s reassuring to know that he still has the full support of the murderous Communist dictator.

Source: The Real Cuba

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Two photos, one inescapable conclusion

by editor on August 24, 2011


July 24, 2008: Candidate Barack Obama attracts hundreds of thousands for his speech in Berlin


August 21, 2011: President Barack Obama attracts dozens for his arrival at Martha’s Vineyard

Conclusion: This goose is cooked.

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If he weren’t such a dick, we could almost pity Barack Obama. All he wanted to do is take a low-profile taxpayer-paid vacation at the getaway of the rich and famous on Martha’s Vineyard and still he is subjected to the vile raaaaacist attacks which have bedevilled his promising presidency. reports:

There seems to be a bit of a sea change regarding President Obama’s popularity, as judged by the offerings of businesses along Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Obama said he was going to fix the sea change.

In past years, shops displayed mainly supportive stuff, like t-shirts extolling Obama’s virtues. However, this year a smirking George W. Bush t-shirt is getting laughs from window shoppers. It reads: “Miss Me Yet? How’s that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?”

A t-shirt extolling Obama’s virtues? That list would fit on the price tag. But on Martha’s Vineyard, the shoppers are laughing AT the Bush shirts, not with them, right?

Also, Sharky’s Cantina, a Mexican joint on Circuit Avenue has discontinued their Barack-O-Taco and Barack-O-Guaco (guacamole) “due to the tough economy,” according to a sign outside the restaurant. The Obamarita still survives on the drinks menu, but it has been joined by a Perry Berry Tea-ni, a martini named for the Texas governor and Republican presidential nominee.

Sure, the “tough economy”. And the Iraqis removed all of Saddam’s pictures due to a nail shortage. The Obamarita survives probably because it’s made with kool aid.

One comment stated (before it mysteriously disappeared), “If he’s tanking in uber-liberal Cape Cod, he’s tanking everywhere.” Good.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities


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That sound you just heard is Hispanic support for Obama crashing through the floor.


Awwww, Hispanic voters are deserting Obama

CNS has details of the latest Gallup poll:

In the same week that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced that her department was going to review the cases of 300,000 illegal aliens in deportation proceedings and allow “low priority” cases to stay in the country and receive work permits — a move House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith called a “back door amnesty” — President Barack Obama’s approval dropped to an all-time low of 44 percent among Hispanics, according to Gallup polling data released today.

That is a drop of 41 points from the spring of 2009, when Obama’s approval among Hispanic Americans peaked at 85 percent (in the weeks that ended April 26, 2009 and May 17, 2009).

Obama’s approval among Hispanics dropped 5 points last week alone, falling from 49 percent in the week that ended Aug. 14 to its new low of 44 percent in the week that ended Aug. 21.

Down 41 points? That doesn’t sound like a poll, it sounds like the halftime score at a Los Angeles Clippers game.

Source: CNS News

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Recently poor little billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has been the target of more than a little derision and just about as much criticism. Now some of this avarice is, no doubt, the result of jealousy. After all nobody likes the fact that the geek they regularly pantsed back in middle school can now buy and sell them.


"So, Mark, would it be too much to ask you to censor any negative comments about me?"

But an awful lot of it is legitimate.

The laundry list of Facebook problems, however, has just been shortened. Those looking to remove their data from the cyber behemoth – a task sometimes impossible in the past – have been provided with a rather novel solution. Just be critical of the President.

News Radio 550 KFYI gets a thumbs up from us for breaking this story:

Facebook said Friday it mistakenly removed a post in which Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer criticized a controversial policy decision by President Barack Obama’s administration to limit deportations of illegal immigrants.

Mistakenly? Yeah, right.

The Republican governor had said in a post Friday that Facebook censored the item she posted Thursday because it apparently violated Facebook’s community standards.

Brewer didn’t elaborate in her post, but she said Friday in an interview that an email she received from Facebook said the post was removed because of an included illustration.

The email, which she read aloud, didn’t specify how the illustration violated standards.

“I’d like to know why it happens,” she said of the removal.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes responded to a query by The Associated Press by saying in a brief email that Brewer’s post was removed in error and that Facebook was sorry.

Any one up for an invitation to Google+ ?

– Written by Kip Hooker at TheVitaminPress


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Our commander-in-cheat has again managed to circumvent the laws of our nation. He couldn’t get the Dream Act passed, so he’s giving illegal aliens a get out of jail free card.

Republicans accused the Obama administration of instituting “backdoor amnesty” after officials announced they would launch a case-by-case review of illegal immigrants slated for deportation in an effort to thin the list and focus resources on kicking out criminals.

get-out-of-jail-free-cardOther’s opposed say the following:

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said: “This plan amounts to backdoor amnesty for hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of illegal aliens.”

Texas Republican Rep. Michael McCaul said: ‘ It is just the latest attempt by this president to bypass the intended legislative process when he does not get his way.”

Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano thinks it will “enhance public safety” and focus efforts to deport on “those who pose a threat.”

Harry Reid thinks it’s wonderful, too: “This new DHS directive will help prioritize our limited enforcement resources to focus on serious felons, gang members and individuals who are a national security threat rather than college students and veterans who have risked their lives for our country,” Reid said in a statement. “I am especially pleased about the impact these new policies will have on those who would benefit from the DREAM Act.”

No big surprise here that his Royal Highness, King Obama, continues to rule by fiat.

– Written by CO2Insanity

Source: Fox News

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We’ve been banging out this ravenous monster known as for two and a half years now. We got so excited about hitting 10,000,000 page views that we went off our meds and now our Attention Deficit Disorder is out of control.

We decided it’s time to shake things up, to try something different, to do the unexpected.

So next Monday, August 29 we will introduce 2.0. More stories. More snark. More focus. Quicker. Shorter. More stuff, less fluff.

We’re going dark this Saturday and Sunday (August 27 and 28) to work out all the bugs and then we’ll go live again on Monday morning.

Everything else will be the same. The same sense of community we’ve built up with our readers. The same trolls. The same semi-amusing commentary (on a good day). The same twisted outlook on the day’s events.

We think you’ll like it. Well, we hope like hell you like it.

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Now he’s Martin Luther Obama

by editor on August 19, 2011

James Thurber’s masterpiece “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is about a milquetoast who daydreams about doing heroic things. We mention this because, like “1984” and “Das Kapital”, it’s apparently another piece of fiction Obama seems intent on acting out.


Barack Obama is just like Martin Luther King. Except for that "content of their character" thing

The White House Dossier relates the bizarre tale:

At a small, exclusive New York City fundraiser Thursday night… Obama compared himself and his agenda to that of Martin Luther King Jr.

“And now that King has his own memorial on the Mall I think that we forget when he was alive there was nobody who was more vilified, nobody who was more controversial, nobody who was more despairing at times. There was a decade that followed the great successes of Birmingham and Selma in which he was just struggling, fighting the good fight, and scorned, and many folks angry. But what he understood, what kept him going, was that the arc of moral universe is long but it bends towards justice. But it doesn’t bend on its own. It bends because all of us are putting our hand on the arc and we are bending it in that direction. And it takes time. And it’s hard work. And there are frustrations.”

Sounds like the arc of moral universe also bends toward non-sequiturs. Or maybe a metaphor delivery truck slammed into a roadside gibberish stand.

We hate to rain on the president’s vacation, but just because someone is vilified, controversial and despairing doesn’t mean he will eventually be vindicated.

Some people are vilified for good reason and Barack Obama is one of them.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: White House Dossier

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Wanna see me pull a rabbit out of my hat? How about stimulus money?

Is there more to Evergreen Solar than meets the eye? In January, 2011 they announced they were laying off 800 workers in Massachusetts, closing that plant, and moving to China in a joint venture with a Chinese company.


"Don't worry. We're only shaking hands for the photographers," Obama said. "I'll blow to you as soon as they leave the room."

It was reported here at IHTM that they filed for bankruptcy, a perhaps convenient move based upon the assumption they’ve already moved most of their assets to China by now. What better way to make all that debt disappear than bankruptcy?

Think bankruptcy was a good trick? Well, they have a better one for you. It appears Evergreeen received stimulus money but, oddly enough, there’s no record of it.

Despite the White House and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick both citing Evergreen Solar as a recipient of stimulus money, the government’s website that tracks ARRA spending could find no evidence the solar panel company did indeed get that money., the U.S. government’s official website related to Recovery Act spending, could find nothing showing that Evergreen Solar received any stimulus money.

The state of Massachusetts put out a press release citing Evergreen Solar’s involvement with a project funded by the stimulus.

Evergreen Solar put out its own press release in October 2010 that their panels were all compliant with the ARRA and could be used by projects funded by the stimulus.

So where did all that money go and how much disappeared? Perhaps President Obama knows.

– Written by CO2Insanity

Source: CAPCON

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How the mighty have fallen: the man who once said he could lower oceans and heal planets now carps about “bad luck” like some busted Vegas gambler calling mom for a loan. The old saw says it’s better to be lucky than good, but you’re really screwed if you ain’t either one.


"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's not my fault."

Byron York explains the latest Presidential excuses:

“We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, gotten the economy moving again,” Obama told a crowd in Decorah, Iowa.

Obama gave the zombie economy a quick fix of “Stimulus” meth, already wearing off when he dosed it with the Obamacare downer.

“But over the last six months we’ve had a run of bad luck.” Obama [blamed] the Arab Spring uprisings, the tsunami in Japan, and the European debt crises – [for setting] the economy back.

There are uprisings and natural disasters somewhere every year. The European “bad luck” has been unfolding since Fall 2009. Their impact increased proportionally with Obama’s need for excuses.

“Now, those are things that we can’t completely control. The question is, how do we manage these challenging times and do the right things when it comes to those things that we can control?”

We could try electing people who know what the hell they’re doing.

“The problem,” Obama continued, “is that we’ve got the kind of partisan brinksmanship that is willing to put party ahead of country, that is more interested in seeing their political opponents lose than seeing the country win.”

No Barry, we have the bad luck of having a fool as president and dealt with it by erecting roadblocks to his destructive agenda. The problem should be rectified by 2013, with any luck.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: Washington Examiner

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President Obama plumbed the depths of Jimmy Carter popularity Sunday when Gallup measured his approval rating at just 39%.

It occurs to us that more people might approve of Obama as president if he actually attempted to look presidential. Has any occupant of the Oval Office ever done more to look unpresidential?

The only time you saw Ronald Reagan out of a suit was when he was chopping wood or riding horses at the Western White House. He never took off his suit coat while in the Oval Office.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, often seems to be auditioning for the next Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.












Even when he’s in the Oval Office, Obama manages to look unpresidential, feet thrown up on priceless desk as if it’s a footstool in a cheap hotel.


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We once said that when Barack Obama claimed to have a laser-like focus on jobs, jobs, jobs, he was talking about caddies and greenskeepers. But we now have to admit that we were wrong.

MSNBC now gives us compelling evidence that he was talking about singers and their roadies:

click through to see who’s belted it out for Barack in the past. Just a warning — the White House has seen more live concerts than Madison Square Garden since the Obamas moved in.

Here’s the list provided by MSNBC:

Jennifer Hudson
John Legend
Justin Bieber
Esperanza Spalding
Jamie Foxx
Sheryl Crow
Smokey Robinson
Nick Jonas
Paul McCartney
Bob Dylan
The cast of Glee
Stevie Wonder
Mark Anthony
Los Lobos
Sheila E
Gloria Estefan
Jose Feliciano
Harry Connick Jr.
Alison Krauss
Brad Paisley
Herbie Hancock
Pattie LaBelle

We assume this list does not include the times Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have come to the White House to sing the blues.

H/T: Raymundo

Source: MSNBC

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Thirty residents of St. Louis County, Missouri – members of the Yes We Can Social Club – were busted last week for getting drunk and screwing everyone.

How could Barack Obama’s empty slogan possibly be summed up better than that?


Anything goes at the Yes We Can Social Club

KSDK-TV has the details:

St. Louis County police will release more information this afternoon about 30 people were taken into custody from a home in Bel-Ridge last week.

They were taken into custody shortly before midnight on August 11.

Police said they went to a home in the 8800 block of Snowhill Court to execute a search warrant for prostitution, drugs and alcohol.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, the business, Yes We Can Social Club, is run out of that home.

Based on the name Yes We Can Social Club we assume that’s where you come in with $100, you spend $150 and you have sex, but everyone else gets screwed.


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This is the Presidential equivalent of a kid blocking out bad news by putting his hands over his ears and saying, “Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.”

President Obama’s been simultaneously abandoned by his crack team of economic advisors (otherwise known as the clowns who got us into this mess) and by his courage.


Ahhh, the good ol' days when President Obama had a full team of so-called economic advisors

The Los Angeles Times has the details:

“When you ask about the economic team, it’s kind of like, ‘What economic team?’” said Edward Mills, a financial policy analyst with FBR Capital Markets. “They are very thin at a very critical time.”

The administration needs all the firepower it can muster, experts said. Yet the team is missing a key messenger in selling Obama’s policies. The post of chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors — an influential position — is vacant and is likely to remain so at least into the fall.

Perhaps more telling, there no longer is a formal economic briefing in the Oval Office every morning, a gathering in which Summers, Romer, Geithner and other key advisors assessed the data and batted around ideas with Obama.

We believe there was an error in the transcript. Instead of “batted around ideas” it should have read “discussed batty ideas.”

Source: Los Angeles Times

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You don’t have to go to the highlands of New Guinea to find contemporary cases of cannibalism. No, you simply have to go the pages of the Huffington Post, where liberals are now consuming other liberals.

For example, here’s a Huffington Post-produced video that attacks President Obama’s so-called laser-like focus on jobs.

And a tasty little morsel it is.

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