Become an contributor has only been around since January, 2009 and it¹s already become one of the world¹s most notable, quotable websites.

One reader gave us the ultimate compliment by saying, “You guys are like Rush Limbaugh. Only cooler.”

Now we want to give you a platform to share your conservative observations
on the day’s news.

Are you what we’re looking for?

Have you ever screamed at your television? Wadded up your morning newspaper and tossed it in the trashcan? Laughed out loud at obvious liberal bias?

We’re looking for stories/commentaries that point out all the media’s bias and blindness. All the lies and the lunacy. All the fakes and the phonies. All the moronic and the myopic.

We’re looking for quick, funny observations on the day’s news. We want commentaries and analysis that make the mundane interesting, that make the boring amusing, and that look at the world of liberal media bias through a conservative lens.

Infiltrate and Record

Did you ever say, “I sure wish I had my camcorder to get that on tape!” Well start carrying one, or your recorder-equipped mobile phone.

We’d also like to expand into more “caught on tape” videos and audio. If you’ve got a mobile device with a videocamera or audio recorder, and some guts, well, go get ‘em. Infiltrate Obamanut meetings, corner a politician on the street and ask him a pointed question, interview leftist protesters and allow them to show off their brilliance. Have some fun and adventure with it. If you’ve got something good, we’ll put it on the IHateTheMedia Youtube channel, and play it here on the site as well. You’ll be a famous citizen reporter in no time.

Join up

If you’d like to join our team, let us know. Write a story and send it to us through our contact page. You might be selected to become an occasional or even a
regular contributor.

There’s no money in it (same with us, by the way), but you get to express yourself and know that thousands of people in dozens of countries are reading what you have to say. In addition, we’ll provide a closing short bio of your choosing where we are happy to link to your blog or social networking page.

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