Let’s just call this weight loss ad what it is – the worst ad of the year. Apparently the makers of this product expect you to believe that it will turn you from a fat black woman to a slightly less fat white woman.


H/T: Buzzfeed

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We’re not even going to link to this website because its commercial is so damn stupid. Fox supposedly rejected this proposed SuperBowl commercial, but c’mon, who really believes this website sells enough crappola to pay for a SuperBowl commercial?

We just checked the website’s Alexa ranking. As measured by traffic, it doesn’t even rank in the top 8,000,000 websites around the world. And here in the United States, nearly 1,000,000 websites have more traffic. Based on that we feel confident in saying that doesn’t have enough money to buy a ticket to the SuperBowl, much less advertise on it.

We sum it up in two words: Publicity stunt.

We call bullshit. And we’re pretty sure Jesus really does hate bullshit.

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Wow. Just wow. This is what passes for rational government spending in the Age of Obama.

The Washington State Department of Health developed this moronic ad campaign. They spent good money, money the citizens of Washington worked hard to earn, on a commercial called – are you ready? – Washyourhandsington!

We just hope they washed their hands after pissing away all that money.

Watch and be amazed that some bureaucrat thought this was a good idea.

Video Transcript:


We love soap so much, we scrub for fun.

We are WashYourHandsington (clap clap)

Yes we are WashYourhandsington (clap clap)

 Visit Washyourhandsington where people wash their hands, cover their cough, and get
the flu vaccine


This is the state of the evergreen

And impeccable hygiene (clap clap)

We love it when our hands are clean (clap clap)

 WashYourhandsingtonians are always friendly and germ-free.
They love to give
high-fivers, not high fevers.


We cover our coughs, every single one

We are WashYourHandsington (cough clap)

Yes we are WashYourhandsington (clap clap)

 Get Vaccinated. Stop the flu.
Brought to you by the Washington State Department of Health.

H/T: Ace of Spades

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General Motors is running a holiday commercial that pokes taxpayers in the eye by thanking them for helping the company get back up.

The ad says, “Everyone falls down.” And that’s true, But, damn it, when most of us fall down, the government doesn’t rush in to give us $50 billion.

What GM should really be thanking us for is losing $9 billion on their initial public offering. And for all the stock that was given to the corrupt UAW. And the for $45 billion in unique tax credits they were awarded. And for the way the original stockholders and bondholders were screwed so that the President’s allies would profit. And for the way they were allowed to claim they had repaid the loan when they really hadn’t.

In reality, the commercial shouldn’t say, “We all fall down.” It should say, “We’ve fallen and we can’t get up without screwing the taxpayers.”

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The race for United States Senate in Pennsylvania has gone to the dogs. Literally.

Who thought this was a good idea? Joe Sestak’s new commercial may qualify as not only the most tasteless campaign commercial of the year, but the stupidest.

- by editor | 14 comments | Share Link called this “our new favorite dystopian political advertisement.” But since don’t know what the hell that means, we’ll just say it’s the most over-written, over-produced, over-acted, over-thought piece of crap of this election cycle.

Luckily, it was produced by the leftists at, so we’re happy that they saw fit to waste the money.

In that sense, it’s perfect. It stimulates the economy while being completely ineffective.

Bravo,, bravo.


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This may look and sound like a Saturday Night Live skit, but it’s for real. This is Chris Erickson, candidate for the U.S. Senate representing Vermont’s Marijuana Party.

Seriously. Vermont has a Marijuana Party, which goes a long way toward explaining the phrase “Vermont Governor Howard Dean.”

The only way this commercial could be better is if the candidate’s name had been Mary Jane.


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Republican Thaddeus McCotter is the only politician willing to say, “Washington is nuts.” And the only politician willing to do his commercials over a mean ass rock ‘n roll guitar.

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Cue the ominious voice over that reveals the dastardly right wing plot to take over America:

ANNCR: (Ominous) You’ve seen the ads. Millions being spent by right wing groups to buy an election. All from secret donors. What’s not a secret is why. Republicans and their corporate buddies want to be back in charge. Wall Street writing its own rules again. Big oil and insurance companies calling the shots. More jobs shipped overseas. Millions in attack ads to put the corporate interests back in charge. If they’re in charge, what happens to you? Fight back. Visit Democrats dot org slash secret money. The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement.

C’mon, Democrats, Halloween is right around the corner. Why doesn’t this commercial include Dick Cheney with blood dripping from his fangs?


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Call Bekins. We’re moving to Colorado just so we can vote for Ken Buck ten or twelve times.

H/T: Ace of Spades

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If you love a candidate with a sense of humor, you gotta love this new Joe Miller for Senate commercial from Alaska. It’s proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a great commercial.

And as an added bonus, we think it’s kind of funny that a guy with a beard would do a parody of the Old Spice commercials.


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How do you know when the Democrats’ entire “Chamber of Commerce is doing something illegal” meme is blowing up in their faces?

When even the über liberal New York Times condemns the commercial that makes the claim:

A closer examination shows that there is little evidence that what the chamber does in collecting overseas dues is improper or even unusual, according to both liberal and conservative election-law lawyers and campaign finance documents.

In fact, the controversy over the Chamber of Commerce financing may say more about the Washington spin cycle — where an Internet blog posting can be quickly picked up by like-minded groups and become political fodder for the president himself — than it does about the vagaries of campaign finance.

Coming up next: Little old ladies and puppies are collecting illegal foreign money to steal our democracy.

Source: New York Times

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When we heard that Levi Johnston was running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, we cheered. We consider his campaign proof that anyone – absolutely anyone – can succeed in America.

In lieu of making a donation to his campaign, we did the next best thing: We ran an ad in yesterday’s Wasilla Frontiersman newspaper telling the town’s residents why they should support this All-American Every Boy.

We did it because we’re warmhearted, caring people.

So why are we getting all these angry emails?

Levi Johnston Wasilla Newspaper Ad

(Click image for full-size version. You may download and use in your blog)

You can see the entire newspaper page here.

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Great production values. Great positioning. Great music. Great editing. OK, Marlin Stutzman’s delivery is the weakest part of the commercial, but who cares. We’re ready to run through a brick wall for the guy after watching this commercial.

Get out there and kick some ass, Marlin.


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Democrat-Farmer-Labor candidate Tarryl Clark is running against conservative favorite Michele Bachmann in Minnesota. She has a unusual message for the voters of Minnesota’s 6th district.

Clark’s new commercial uses an expletive to describe Bachmann‘s congressional accomplishments.

Since Clark is 6 points back in the latest poll, we’d say she doesn’t have a snowball’s @#&! chance in hell.


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Daddy handed his Senate seat to Lisa Murkowski and only daddy can take it away. What’s that? Daddy’s dead? Well, then as far as Murkowski is concerned, the seat is hers until Daddy climbs out of the grave and takes it away from her.

Now she’s trying to strong arm Alaskan broadcasters to reject anti-Murkowski commercials produced by the Tea Party Express. Because no one should criticize the Princess, damn it.

Fox News has the details:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign is warning Alaska broadcasters not to air ads by a national tea party group that the campaign says are “littered with lies and intentional mischaracterizations” about her and her write-in campaign.

Attorney Timothy McKeever, in a letter to broadcasters Monday, said they are under a “legal and moral obligation” not to air the new ads from Tea Party Express, which is supporting Joe Miller, the political upstart who defeated Murkowski in the August GOP primary.

A little bit of an overreaction, Lisa? For god’s sake, girl, it’s not even that good a commercial.

Source: Fox News

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No. Seriously. That’s his name. First name Young. Last name Boozer. His parents were cruel, unthinking people.

The officlal video description says, “Young Boozer is a conservative Republican running for Alabama State Treasurer. Young Boozer has an undergraduate degree in economics from Stanford University and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business. Young Boozer has 34 years of private sector experience managing billions of dollars in investments. Most recently served as Deputy State Finance Director for Governor Bob Riley. Young Boozer. Funny name, serious leadership.”

(We’d also vote for the hot blonde at the :17 mark of the clip. Especially if her real name was Hot Blonde.)

H/T: Andrew Bolt

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One of the oldest rules in politics says, “Never allow yourself to be defined by your opponent.”

Unfortunately, Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell forgot that rule and allowed her opponent to spread the message that “She’s crazy. She’s a witch. She’s unstable.”

So now O’Donnell is fighting back with a very nice commercial that attempts to retake the high ground. says, “…the goal is to humanize her as quickly and powerfully as possible. Not a syllable is breathed here about policy, party affiliation, or conservatism; it’s a straightforward “everyman versus the establishment” appeal which, thanks to O’Donnell’s poise and the direct, soft-spoken conversational appeal to the camera, ends up being quite arresting.

Nice delivery, too. Especially the last line.

We would like Christine O’Donnell to be our Senator. The Editor adds that he would also like to have her rub Crisco all over his body. The Administrator notes that he wants nothing to do with either the Crisco nor another restraining order on the Editor.


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Awwwww: The cutest political commercial ever!

by editor on October 2, 2010

Louis Pate is a conservative running for the North Carolina State Senate. We’re not sure if his commercial is just cute as hell or a brilliant parody of typical political commercials. Or maybe both.

Watch it all the way through just for the last line.

H/T: Bluegrass Pundit

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“Mourning In American” is the Republican Party’s brilliant twist on Ronald Reagan’s famous “Morning In America” campaign commercial.

While “Morning In America” summed up Reagan’s optimism and confidence, the new “Mourning in America” sums up the fears and lack of confidence that now infect the country.

Can’t wait until the morning of November 2.

Here’s the new “Mourning In America” from the Republican Party.

Here’s Ronald Reagan’s original “It’s Morning in America.”

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Every year, at least one advertiser somewhere in the world is guaranteed to exploit the 9/11 attacks with a tasteless ad.

French newspaper Courrier International gets the “honor” this year with an ad suggesting that we could have avoided 9/11 if we’d simply built the twin towers a bit shorter. The ad shows two jets flying over a substantially shorter World Trade Center along with the headline, “Learn to anticipate.”

ad france world trade center

MyFoxLA has the tasteless details:

The website Ads of the World reported that Saatchi & Saatchi France is the agency behind the ad.

The Montreal Gazette reported that the campaign is an attempt to imply that the newspaper’s coverage will help readers anticipate major events.

The 9/11 terror attack are only one of the events used in the promotion. The campaign also uses the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 1969 moon landing.

Many who have posted comments about the ad on various websites are upset about its insensitivity.

“Stupid beyond belief. There will NEVER be a right time to reference 9/11 in advertising,” reads one comment on the website “Oooh, I know, perhaps the Saatchi creatives could do one on the deportation of gypsies from their country,” quipped another post on the site.

Considering that the campaign features three American news events, perhaps the campaign should feature a new headline:

France. Where you can anticipate that nothing of any significance will ever happen.


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Florida Governor Charlie Crist, once a Republican, but now an Independent, is foundering in the polls. So he came up with a new way to show that he’s above petty politics – anagrams. reports the problem with the commercial:

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who’s running for Senate as an independent, has this new ad out in which he takes individual letters from “DEMOCRATS” and “REPUBLICANS” to spell “AMERICANS,” in alternating colors. How lovely! Too bad he cheats like hell.

Have you ever seen an ad that uses this gimmick before? No, you haven’t, which is how you know he’s cheating. Presumably some independent candidate has considered making this exact spot before, but then stopped after working it out for 20 seconds and realizing that the necessary pool of color-coded letters isn’t there. “DEMOCRATS” does not have an “I” or a second “A,” and “REPUBLICANS” doesn’t have an “M,” making Crist’s red-and-blue combination of “AMERICANS” a colossal joke of public policy.

There’s a great re-edit floating around the internet that leaves Crist standing with the letters ME at the end of the commercial. But there are other anagrams that the Governor could have created that would have provided Florida voters with a more accurate description of the candidate. For example:


We’re just sayin’….


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About two weeks ago,’s Administrator emailed a funny commercial over to IHTM’s Editor, who promptly ignored it. (For god’s sake, man, the guy sends me 50 emails a day. I can’t pay attention to all of them.)

Now, much to the Editor’s chagrin, he saw the same commercial over at The Big Feed and found out it really was hilarious.

That being said, the Editor would like to thank The Big Feed and apologize to the Administrator.

So enough with the thanks and the apologies. Here’s the story on the commercial: Dodge used a monkey in the to advertise its annual Tent Event. PETA complained, so Dodge re-cut the commercial to address the leftist lunatics’ concerns. Here’s the original version:

And here’s the even funnier re-cut version:
[Now click here to watch the revised commercial…]

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It’s civil war in the Howard family. Über liberal movie director Ron Howard isn’t going to be very happy with his brother Clint’s new role as a liberal congressman desperately searching for reasons not to hold a town hall meeting this year.

Like all great satire, it holds a mirror up to truth.

H/T: Gateway Pundit


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In a year when everything is going their way, the Republicans seem to be helping themselves out by putting out much better commercials than they have in the past. Maybe they hired a new ad agency.

This commercial – aimed at independents – directly confronts the Democrat claim that Republicans are extremists.


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