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Harry Reid Exposes Greatest Liberal Scam of All-Time. A wall for me but not for thee. Yes this ass lives behind a wall and we wouldn’t be surprised if he has guns all over the house.

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OMNIBUS CONTAINS CASINO CRONY KICKBACK FOR HARRY REID AND HIS LAS VEGAS DONORS. The title should be Boehner gives Reid a blowjob for Christmas.

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So whose fault is the recent downgrade? Is it the Tea Party’s as spin masters David Axelrod and John Kerry are expounding? Or is it that crazy old coot in the Senate who was recently waxing poetic about his pomegranate trees or some damn thing?


Reid: "How long do you think we can fool 'em, Barry?" Obama: "Just keep wavin' and smilin', Harry."

Reuters outlines how Reid’s political posturing back in December of last year prevented the timely address of the debt ceiling problem:

The reason we’re hitting the debt ceiling, remember, is that the budget passed by both Republicans and Democrats forces us to do so. As a result, the obvious time and place to raise the debt ceiling is when you pass the budget. This isn’t just obvious now, it was obvious then. And the person who thought it was a bad idea? Harry Reid.

Ol’ Harry expressed that very thought back in 2010:

Reid also said that he would like to push off raising the debt ceiling until next year — when Republicans control the House, but that he has not discussed the matter yet with his caucus.

“Let the Republicans have some buy-in on the debt. They’re going to have a majority in the House,” said Reid. “I don’t think it should be when we have a heavily Democratic Senate, heavily Democratic House and a Democratic president.”

Keep in mind, Reid didn’t want the Republicans to join the fun as any kind of gesture of good will or across the aisle ass kissing. No, he simply didn’t want to provide Republicans with another club with which to beat not only Obama, but any other Democrat running for re-election in 2012.

Reuters sums up Reid’s leadership failures as follows:

Forcing a majority-Republican House to vote to raise the debt ceiling might have seemed like a good idea at the time. But it’s not exactly the epitome of leadership. Indeed, it seems to have led the country straight into something which risks being downright catastrophic.

So it seems that President Obama isn’t the only Democrat capably of destroying the economy all by his lonesome. Harry Reid is a close second and coming on strong.

Source: Reuters

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The Huntsman Jugger-Not

by editor on June 24, 2011

Who’s up for a really stupid idea? Like maybe turning another vapid faculty lounge Marxist into a demi-god? Or giving Anthony Weiner an unlimited 4G data plan? Wait. We’ve got it! Let’s let the MSM and Harry Reid pick the 2012 Republican presidential nominee!


Jon Huntsman is just like Harry Reid, but without the charisma

Jennifer Rubin introduces their choice in the Washington Post:

…Huntsman looks the part of a presidential candidate and speaks in that unaccented, urbane voice that the media perpetually confuse for intellectual sophistication.

So Jon can read a teleprompter, and his kick-off rally had Obama 2008 mojo:

“The crowd was a mix of middle-aged professionals in suits, college-age students and a handful of Obama supporters, including one man in a New Jersey for Obama T-shirt.”

We’re feeling leg tingles. Continue, Ms. Rubin….

From the mainstream media’s standpoint, he is the McCain 1980. He’s a “good Republican” — not too conservative, not too loyal to his party and infatuated (at least he was) with cap-and-trade. And unlike McCain, he’s running to the incumbent president’s left on foreign policy. So it’s not surprising he is lavished with praise. A political reporter asked me the other day, “Don’t you think Huntsman will eat Bachmann’s lunch?” Umm. No. But the total ignorance about the conservative movement is telling and will infuse the mainstream coverage of his race.

Ah well, ignorance and failure is Marxism’s bliss. The Washington Times closes the deal:

… Jon Huntsman apparently has an unlikely ally in Sen. Harry Reid, the top Democrat in the Senate.

“…in that race, if I had a choice, I would favor Huntsman over Romney.”

No more submissions, we have the winning stupid idea!

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: Washington Post, Washington Times

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For god’s sake, who was in charge of Harry Reid this week? Whoever it was screwed up by letting him read today’s jobs report and then by letting him get in front of a microphone again.

First, today’s miserable jobs report, followed by the addled old coot’s reaction to it:

Employers in May added the fewest jobs in eight months, and the unemployment rate inched up to 9.1 percent. The weakening job market raised concerns about an economy hampered by gas prices and the Japanese nuclear disaster.

The key question is whether the meager 54,000 jobs added last month mark a temporary setback or are evidence of a more chronic problem. That total is far lower than the previous three months’ average of 220,000 new jobs per month.

White House correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted poor ol’ Harry’s demented response to a rise in the unemployment rate and a slowdown in hiring:


What the hell were you people in Nevada thinking last November?

Source: Associated Press

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Do you think Barack Obama consults with the other leaders of his party before making one of his grand pronouncements? Or does he just assume they’ll blindly follow his lead? (And just to be clear, when we say “his party” we mean the Democrats, not Hamas.)

It certainly doesn’t sound as if he the President passed his “Israel must return to its 1967 borders” concept past Harry Reid for prior approval.

Reid spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and actually sounded angry about Obama’s plan. Well, if not angry, at least alive, which is a major improvement for ol’ Harry.

“The place where negotiating will happen must be at the negotiating table – and nowhere else,” Reid declared. “Those negotiations … will not happen – and their terms will not be set – through speeches, or in the streets, or in the media.”

And he wasn’t finished. Not nearly. “No one should set premature parameters about borders, about building, or about anything else.”

The crowd burst into applause, something so unknown to Harry that he was nearly startled into a moment of senior incontinence.

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Goodwin Liu was nominated for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by President Obama. Liu’s such an extremist that even a considerable number of Democrats opposed the appointment. As a result, Liu’s nomination went down in flames on Wednesday.


The majority leader in the United States Senate doesn't understand what his duties are

Let’s go to Senate majority leader Harry Reid for a comment via NetRight Daily:

Liu was nominated by Obama in 2010 and again in 2011for a seat on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Senate Judiciary Committee had approved him by a vote of 10-8. Had Liu been confirmed by the Senate, many expect that he would have eventually been promoted to the Supreme Court.

As Harry Reid noted of Goodwin Liu after meeting with him, “The court of appeals is where law is made, and we need the finest minds in the world for that.”

We’re looking for volunteers. Who’d like to tell Harry that the courts are supposed to interpret the law and the legislature is supposed to make it?

You know, the legislature. The part of the government in which Harry Freakin’ Reid has served for 25 years.

What a moron.

Source: NetRight Daily

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We’re not sure why they call Barack Obama the greatest orator of all time. Not while Harry Reid’s alive, that is.

If anything can build a fire under a crowd and convince them to rise up, it’s an exciting speech by the Nevada dynamo.

Here’s ol’ Harry calling on the American people to rise up and let their elected leaders know how important the DREAM Act is.

/sarcasm-off. Seriously, would anyone be surprised to find out that Harry’s addicted to Quaaludes? He must be the single most boring speaker in the history of America. In fact, it’s possible that Harry Reid is just one huge Weekend At Bernie‘s prank on the American people.

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Harry Reid, Nevada’s senile Democrat Senator, really enjoys hearing the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each Senate session. Interestingly, Harry’s version doesn’t include the words “under God.”

Senility or intentional? What’s your opinion?

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Would someone find out if there’s a nice rest home in Searchlight, Nevada. If there is, would you be so kind as to reserve a room for Harry Reid?

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was speaking, giving kudos to participants in Alaska’s famous Iditarod dogsled race, when an increasingly doddering Harry Reid interrupted and asked for the floor:

“They had a really, really good piece on public radio before the start of the race,” Reid said. “I hesitate saying this because I know I will probably get in trouble, but this is a good reason why the House vote was bad today to defund public radio.”

According to NPR’s liberal supporters, its programming somehow manages to span an unspannable gap and appeal simultaneously to eastern elites and rural rednecks. It appeals to everyone, damn it.

Which, of course, raises the question, if it appeals to everyone why doesn’t it have better ratings?

Mush, you huskies. And mush for brains.

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Congratulations to Mic Tienken for this winning entry:

There once was a cowboy named Reid

Who’s nanny state filled every need

Till they ran out of money

And it wasn’t too funny

When he found out that rocks just don’t bleed

Our odds of surviving this fiscal crisis are lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut (nice western imagery, huh?), but Harry Reid can’t find a single thing to cut from the federal budget. Not even funding for a cowboy poetry festival in Elko, Nevada.

So in honor of the Nevada Democrat and the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, we want you to put on your ten-gallon thinking caps and write a Harry Reid Cowboy Limerick.
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In case you’re not a Jeopardy fan, let us explain who Ken Jennings is. You’re typically considered a very successful Jeopardy champion is you can win five games. Ken Jennings won 74 straight games back in 2004. He didn’t just win the games, he destroyed his opponents.

Turns out that winning a game show now qualifies you to be a Democrat senator.
TheHill.com has the details:

In an online forum, Jennings told readers: “[Sens.] Chuck Schumer [D-N.Y.] and Harry Reid [D-Nev.] both called me back personally in 2004 to try to get me to run for Orrin Hatch’s Senate seat.”

Schumer went on to become head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2005 and earned a reputation for recruiting top candidates.

Jennings continued: “I am not making this up. Win on a game show and you can apparently run for the US Senate. That was when I realized the Democratic Party was f@#$ed in ’04.”

C’mon, guys. If intelligence was a prerequisite for being in the Senate, the Democrats couldn’t get quorum.


Source: TheHill.com

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Unemployment in Nevada hovers around the 14.5% mark, so the state’s senior senator has decided that the its one flourishing business should be punished.

The Associated Press has the details:


Is that a pick axe in your hand or are you just happy to see me?

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid took aim at the world’s oldest profession Tuesday, telling state lawmakers the time has come to have an adult conversation about Nevada’s legal sex trade if the state hopes to succeed in the 21st century.

The Democratic Senate majority leader’s comments before a joint session of the Legislature came as owners, lobbyists and working girls for Nevada’s brothel industry looked on from the gallery.

Reid, who won re-election to a fifth term in November, focused his speech on the job creation efforts in a state hard hit by the Great Recession.

Harry Reid’s proposal was greeted by silence…

No one should be surprised that the proposal was greeted by silence. Wouldn’t you also be stunned into complete silence if you heard Harry Reid discussing sex?

We’ve also heard reports that the complete silence was broken by the sounds of violent retching.

Source: Associated Press

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ABC’s Jonathan Karl interviewed Harry Reid after Tuesday’s State of the Union address. Poor ol’ Harry was not happy with the President’s pseudo-Republican masquerade.

ABC News has the porcine particulars:

… Reid launched a vigorous defense of pork, the pet projects that members of Congress insert into bills to benefit their home states.

“I think it’s taking power away from the legislative branch of government and giving it to the executive branch of government,” Reid said of the president’s plan. “The executive branch of government is powerful enough and I think that I know more about what Nevada needs than some bureaucrat down on K Street.”

“So you think the president is wrong about this?” Karl asked.

“Without any question,” Reid replied. “I understand it’s great for an applause line, but it’s really not solving anything to do with the deficit. It’s only for show.”

“So you’re saying that earmarks will be back?” said Karl.

“Of course they’ll be back,” said Reid.

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear crap in the woods? Is Obama’s conservative act just an act?

Source: ABC News

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This is side splittin’ political humor at its finest. Why this guy is funnier than Will Rogers and Dennis Miller and Fred Thompson put together.

Yes, friends, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid announced on Wednesday that it’s not the institution of government that people dislike, it’s the politics.

Close, but no cigar, Harry.

In reality, it’s not the institution of government that people dislike, it’s the politicians. Particularly Democrats from Nevada.

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Just like ol’ Harry, this Chinese runner ignores long-standing rules, attempts to strongarm the opposition, makes a mockery of the process and pisses off all his competitors.

The only real difference is that Harry won his race.


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Harry Reid is afraid he’s losing it

by editor on December 19, 2010

Harry Reid is afraid of losing power. Very afraid. So all of a sudden he’s doing battle against President Obama and those rascally Republicans who, apparently, have secretly joined forces to do battle against Captain Nevada and the Constitution.

“I’ve been one who does believe in our Constitution, separation of powers. And one of the issues that I have fought (for) is to make sure the White House doesn’t continually take from us our power. Everyone should understand this earmark issue is simply that – a way for the Executive branch of government to steal power we’ve been granted in our Constitution. We have a Constitutional duty to do Congressionally-directed spending. And I don’t want to gie up that responsibility. I can’t understand why some of the more conservative members here want to give up their power. I don’t understand that.”

Absolutely true. If there’s one thing Harry doesn’t understand, it’s giving up power.


H/T: Breitbart.tv

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Congratulations to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They’ve united the American people in one thing – their complete disdain for Congress.


Gallup.com has the devastating details:

Americans’ assessment of Congress has hit a new low, with 13% saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job. The 83% disapproval rating is also the worst Gallup has measured in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance.

The prior low approval rating for Congress was 14% in July 2008 when the United States was dealing with record-high gas prices and the economy was in recession.

Congratulations to Harry and Nancy. They say that records were made to be broken, so it’s nice to see that you guys were able to beat your own previous low. But we think you’re just getting started. If you can just cram this Omnibus Spending Bill through Congress, we have a feeling you can set another new record next month.

Source: Gallup.com

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It wasn’t just the old man smell, it was the constant repetition of the same boring story with details changing in every telling of the tale.

Here’s Harry Reid on the floor of the Senate, opening the lame duck session with a remarkably rambling tale of football. And redemption. Or something.

This is who you just re-elected, Nevada. On behalf of conservative bloggers across the fruited plain, let us give you a big thank you.

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Few original ideas have ever been generated in Hollywood and even fewer have ever come from Washington, DC. The two towns were made for each other.

So following the successful debut of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” (TLC reported a record 5,000,000 viewers for the premiere episode), agents representing other politicians are rushing to Hollywood to pitch reality shows for their clients.

So here are some other reality programs we’re looking forward to in the near future:

“Harry Reid’s Nevada”

Harry Reid Join the soon to be former Senate majority leader as he goes prospecting for gold on K Street. Visit his boyhood home in Searchlight, Nevada and learn how he became wealthy working in the private sector for a mere two years. Watch him give charisma lessons to other Democrats. Don’t miss a moment when Harry Reid’s Nevada premieres Sunday, Nov. 14 at 9/8C only on MSNBC.

“John Kerry’s Massachusetts”

John Kerry Deep in the wilds of a Massachusetts gated community, John Kerry faces the toughest decision of his life: where to dock his new yacht. The gang from Jersey Shore make a cameo to explain to Senator Kerry how lowering taxes can promote economic growth and result in more government revenues. Later, Kerry fights for wind power in someone else’s backyard. It’s “John Kerry’s Massachusetts” premiering Monday, November 22 at 9/8C on CNN.

“Barbara Boxer’s California”

Barbara Boxer Wham-Bam-Don’t-Call-Me-Ma’am. Barbara Boxer gets in a tiff with a barista at Starbucks who refuses to call her grande skinny latte a “Senator Grande Skinny Latte.” Join Barbara as she explores the California Aqueduct through the dried-up breadbasket of California’s Central Valley and all the way back to the spawning grounds of the endangered delta smelt, stopping, of course, at 5-star resorts along the way. “Barbara Boxer’s California” debuts Tuesday, November 23 at 9/8 Central on MSNBC.

“Elliot Spitzer’s New York”

eliot spitzer Experience New York like you never have before as Elliot takes you on a wild romp through the Empire State. Accompany him as he rides bareback through the canyons of the Adirondacks. Catch crabs with the former governor as he plunges his rod into the pristine waters of the Hudson. Bone up on you local history as he navigates the annals of the world’s oldest profession. “Elliot Spitzer’s New York.” Premiering next Friday at 9/8 Central only on IHTM-TV.

“Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska”

lisa murkowski Lisa Murkowski debates changing her last name to Smith to ease future write-in campaigns. A trip to the hairdresser ends in disaster when the resulting new doo looks “too modern, like something out of the nineties.” She decides to keep her 70s-inspired locks for additional coverage on the Drudge Report. “Lisa Murkowski’s Alaska.” Don’t miss this special premiere Monday, November 30 at 8/8 Central on Animal Planet.

“Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio”

Dennis Kucinich In this episode Dennis Kucinich plays Risk with two old high school chums, but opts out when the game becomes, “increasingly militaristic.” After accusing his old friends of imperialism, Kucinich breaks from the game to immediately build a peaceful agrarian community on his board. Noam Chomsky makes a guest appearance. “Dennis Kucinich’s Ohio” premieres Monday, November 29 at 9/8 Central only on Pravda TV.

“Barack Obama’s Kenya”

barack-obama-tv Travel back with the President as he returns to his homeland. Be with him as he makes the adjustment from the imperial opulence of the White House to the spartan furnishings of his brother’s one-room shack in Nairobi. Travel the land as he seeks out anyone who remembers his birth and pays them to forget it. Watch the dramatic premiere of “Barack Obama’s Kenya” this Sunday, Nov 28 at 9/8 Central only on IHTM-TV.

“Chuck Schumer’s New York”

Chuck Schumer This is the reality show in which the star is never off camera. He stars in all the commercials, voice overs and station breaks. Experience the seesaw excitement as Chuck demeans Wall Street bankers one minute, then strong arms them for campaign contributions the next. Don’t miss “Chuck Schumer’s New York,” premiering November 24 at 8:00 p.m. on PBS.

“Maxine Waters’ South Central”

Maxine Waters Yo, what you looking at, honky? Turn your damn TV off. This show is for black people only because you white people have had your own TV shows for too damn long. Co-stars Demond Wilson from “Sanford & Son” and “Rodney King from Can’t We All Just Get Along?” “Maxine Waters’ South Central” debuts November 24 at 8/9 Central on BET.

“Al Franken’s Minnesota”

Al Franken Al Franken, Minnesota’s favorite son, shows you the highways and byways and underhanded ways of the Land of Ten Thousand Missing Votes. Visit comedy clubs across the state in search of someone who finds him funny. Discover that the Al Franken persona is an act, but the Stuart Smalley persona is real. Don’t miss the series premiere of “Al Franken’s Minnesota,” November 24 at 8/9 Central following the season premiere of Prairie Home Companion on PBS.

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OK, so we’re a little bummed that Harry Reid won’t be retiring this January. But on the bright side we get six more years of the glaringly hypocritical, absurdly buffoonish and mind-numbingly stupid things that have become so essential to the Harry Reid mystique.


Harry Reid practices his legendary consensus building technique

And it looks like the distinguished Senator from Nevada is wasting no time. According to our friends at CBS news:

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who clung to his seat in Congress in Tuesday’s election and will return to Washington as the Senate Majority Leader according to CBS News poll projections, told “The Early Show” Wednesday he has always played the role of “consensus builder,” and looks forward to continuing that work.

Unless we are very much mistaken as to the definition of “consensus-builder” we beg to differ. We beg to differ a lot.

The only consensus Harry Reid can be seriously credited with is the opinion, held by a majority of the American people, that he is a moron. Unfortunately, that majority appear to neither live in Nevada nor vote in their elections.

Not that we blame the good folks of that great state too much. Sending him back to Washington was the best way to keep him out of their state.

– Written by Kip Hooker at VitaminPress.com

Source: CBSnews.com

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Welcome to Nevada, Mr. President. Now go away.

by editor on October 24, 2010

We hate the nasty tone and predictability of most political attack commercials. But we love a commercial that turns a competitor’s words or deeds against him in a clever or dramatic way.

Like this one, for example. It not only damns Obama with his own words, his own actions and the haunting “O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma, O-ba-ma” chant of his supporters, but does it in a dramatic way that almost gives you chills.

Welcome to Nevada, indeed, Mr. President.

Now go away and take Harry Reid with you.

H/T: Ace

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCTkVPbPmV8&feature=relatedRemember that Seinfeld episode where George thought of the perfect comeback to an insult and insisted on making a fool of himself by delivering it long after the appropriate time had passed?

During Reid’s debacle of a debate with Sharron Angle last week, she challenged the Democrat by saying, “Man up, Harry Reid. You need to understand we have a problem with Social Security.”

TheHill.com reports Harry Reid’s George Costanza moment:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) fired back at his Republican opponent Sharron Angle Thursday for telling him to “man up” when it comes to Social Security reform.

Reid, who is in a deadlocked race with the Tea Party-backed GOP nominee, said that people know where he stands on the issues while Angle is a mystery to Nevada voters.

“People in Nevada know me,” he said on the “Ed Show” on MSNBC. “From the street to the ring to the Senate chambers, I’ve never had to prove my manhood to anyone.”

Harry Reid: A week late, a dollar short, and a testosterone injection away from being correct.

Source: TheHill.com

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Harry Reid’s fumbling, bumbling, mumbling conclusion to his debate with Sharron Angle last week was tough to watch, but now his dementia seems to have taken a sudden turn for the worse.

“But for me,” Reid said with an odd little smile on his face, “we’d be in a worldwide depression.”

No, really, that’s what he said. It’s looped three times on this clip because you won’t believe you heard it correctly the first time nor the second time.

We sincerely hope his family can find a nice retirement home in Searchlight for the kindly old codger.


H/T: Breitbart.tv

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David Brody interviewed the increasingly doddering Harry Reid and one of the questions he asked was, “Can you think of a greatest living American?”

Reid named two greatest living Americans, both of whom are dead.

Reid: I’m glad I had the opportunity to know Ted Kennedy. Whether you agreed with him or not, what a life he lead with his two brothers being assassinated, his other brother being killed in World War II. And Robert Byrd who just died. What a– he was in the Congress of the United States for more than 25 percent of the time that we have been a country. That’s fairly remarkable.

In Reid’s defense, both are dead, but are still expected to cast several ballots in November’s election. No word yet on whether they are also among the 77,000 dead Americans who received stimulus checks.

H/T: TheBlaze.com

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