Georgia man plotted attacks on White House, other DC sites, FBI says Here’s a wakeup call for you boobs in Congress who don’t want a wall and want to import all the Muslims they can. We hope you heed it.

Citing an affidavit, Taheb allegedly intended “to attack the White House, and other targets of opportunity in the Washington, D.C., area, by using explosive devices.”

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Pedestrians hit by car in Melbourne CBD, two men arrested. 19 people in the hospital after driver of Afghan descent (AKA: Muslim) runs them over. But thanks to Australia’s tough gun laws no one was shot and you won’t hear any cries of outlawing cars or Muslim terrorists by the anti-gun crowd dummies.

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Department of Justice Report Whitewashes Pulse Nightclub Police Response. In our opinion the report should have said it would have been better if the Keystone Cops had responded. We’re not talking about the average cop or swat team member, the fault lies with the chief and some of the brass.

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‘ISIS lives forever’: Uzbek man, 29, was planning New York attack for WEEKS and had knives along with ISIS flag and notes in truck when he killed eight and injured 12 by mowing them down on bike path. We’re up to 12 dead and people are still trying to defend these assholes. Thank Schumer and Obama that this unvetted terrorist is on US soil on a diversity VISA.

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Explosions rock Brussels airport, subway; 26 reported dead. This is what happens when you let ‘refugees’ enter your country by the 10’s of thousands and you have no clue which ones are ISIS members. We hear anywhere from 20 to 30 dead and about 180 injured.

Brussels Airport Attack 3.22.16

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Man with 2 handguns, Quran, partner arrested at Disneyland Paris. There must be a fatwah against Mickey Mouse no one’s heard of.

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FBI thwarts mass shooting at Milwaukee Masonic Temple. Yet another peaceful Muslim jihadist. He didn’t go to Wally World and buy machine guns and a silencer. Appear’s he’s a US citizen, but if not we’d say he’s another great example of vetting.Samy Mhamed Hamzeh

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Muslims Open Fire on Popular Ten X Nightclub in Canada. What? Those onerous Canadian gun laws don’t stop Muslims from shooting up night clubs?

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Mayor Kenney On Officer Shooting: ‘It Has Nothing To Do With Being Muslim.’ Mayor Jim Kenney is delusional. Read his quotes from below. He said this in spite of the fact that the shooter admitted he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and said he did it in the name of Islam.

Mayor Kenney:

nothing to do with being a Muslim…

In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen….

This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or faith…

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Liberals Find Out What Happens When You Open Your Home To Muslim Refugees. Looks like one liberal family has had an epiphany. Do we feel sorry for them? Not  one bit. Note you don’t see jack about the police doing anything.

Andrew and Ray Wartnaby

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Commodore John Kerry and David Astroturf … er … Axelrod tell us that, unlike man-caused-disaster making freedom-fighters of ambiguous religious persuasion, Tea Party types are terrorists.

A recent Rasmussen poll reveals a whopping 29% of Americans agree, while a small group (55%) apparently didn’t hear the question:


Those Tea Party terrorists scare the hell out of Democrats and the media

Fifty-five percent (55%) of Likely U.S. Voters … say members of the Tea Party are not economic terrorists. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 29% believe Tea Party members have been terrorists during the budget debates, while another 16% are undecided.

Wait! So by nearly 2-to-1, likely voters DON’T think Tea Party members are terrorists? Strange we didn’t see that in the media….

… 53% of Democrats view Tea Party members as terrorists, 57% of voters not affiliated with either major party disagree, as do 74% of Republicans.

… 60% of those in the Mainstream don’t see members of the Tea Party as economic terrorists. The Political Class is almost evenly divided on the question.

Democrats and the Political Class seem to think along the same lines. What a surprise.

….85% of the Political Class feel the Tea Party has made things worse for the country in terms of the budget debate. Mainstream voters by a 40% to 33% margin tend to think the Tea Party has made things better.

Voters feel more strongly than ever that decreasing government spending is good for the economy and think tax increases of any kind are bad….

Feckless political class types like Kerry and Axelrod are terrified their con game is in jeopardy. Terrorism, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: Rasmussen

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Can someone please explain to us why there is a single Jew left in America who supports Obama and the Democrats? No, seriously. Someone explain, because It is a complete mystery to us.

Especially now that the Obama administration has used the most twisted logic imaginable to justify listing Israel as a nation that supports terrorism.


So says the Obama administration

CNS News has the bizarre details:

In an implicit admission that Israel is so threatened by terrorism that it is not only surrounded by countries and territories that produce terrorists but also unwillingly harbors terrorists within its own territory in a way the most other nations in the world do not, the Obama administration is currently listing Israel among 36 “specially designated countries” it believes “have shown a tendency to promote, produce, or protect terrorist organizations or their members.”

To review, Israel is threatened by terrorism. Israel unwillingly harbors terrorists. Therefore, Israel promotes terrorism.

It’s going to take someone much smarter than us to figure out the serpentine logic in that statement.

Source: CNS News

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A reader sent us this photo. We have no idea where it came from, but if we had to guess we’d say it looks like somewhere in Alaska.

Anyone know more about it? Where it was posted? Who posted it? If the author would like to write for IHateTheMedia.com?

king salmon terrorist sign

H/T: Ray

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Once again, our gut instincts have been proven wrong by the geniuses in the Obama administration.

Seemed reasonable to us that profiling young Muslim men might just help stop a bit of terrorism. Luckily, Director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is on the job to show us the error of our ways.

NewsBusters.org has the transformational information:

According to Janet Napolitano, concentrating terrorist screening efforts on young Muslim men is “not using good logic.”

Her response came after a reporter in the audience asked, “Why wouldn’t the Department focus more of its attention on the category of individuals that turned up most often as the suspect?”

Napolitano retorts, “You’ve got to use actual intelligence that you receive…All you’ve given me is status, not a technique, a tactic, a behavior.”

We’ve been racking our brains trying to come up with an example of terrorism that wasn’t committed by a young Muslim man, but we just can’t come up with one. Shoe bomber, young Muslim man. 9-11 hijackers, young Muslim men. Underwear bomber, young Muslim man. Fort Hood shooter, young Muslim man. Times Square bomber, young Muslim man.

“You’ve got to use actual intelligence…” Good advice for everyone in the Obama administration, Ms. Napolitano.


H/T: NewsBusters.org

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We’ve discovered that the real reason nanny state nags like NYC Mayor Bloomberg and First Mama Michelle Obama are obsessed with our diets lately is concern for national security. There’s a good chance that Al Qaeda may have shifted their focus from shoes and underwear to death by cupcakes.


Make cupcakes, not war!

Fox News has the ingredients of a very odd story:

British intelligence agency MI6 and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters cooked up a cyberattack and hacked into terror group Al Qaeda’s online magazine “Inspire” — replacing bomb-making instructions with cupcake recipes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

When followers of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula tried to download the 67-page instructions for how to “Make a bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom” by “The AQ Chef,” the terrorists were instead greeted with a web page of recipes for “The Best Cupcakes in America” published by the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the newspaper reported.

Terrorists could then learn how to make a mojito cupcake made of white rum cake and draped in vanilla buttercream, instead of making a lethal pipe bomb using sugar.

The inducement to become a TSA crotch-grabber may have just increased exponentially. Besides getting to ogle backscatter X-rays of hot babes, they may now get to eat Ellen DeGeneres’s cupcakes.

We were dying to know if the modern-day Ayers and Dohrns figured out the scam:

The terrorist group was able to reissue the magazine two weeks after the cyberattack and has produced four other issues.

Damn it. Now the only way to get that mojito cupcake recipe is to watch reruns of Ellen DeGeneres. And we’re pretty sure the Supreme Court has already defined that as cruel and unusual punishment.

– Written by Bonfire of the Absurdities

Source: Fox News

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It’s Kentucky, damn it. How about if we just handle this like Daniel Boone would have handled it. Take ‘em out, give ‘em a running start, then shoot ‘em. Let’s call it due process and be done with it.


Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, two good ol' country boys from the backwoods of Kentucky

The Bowling Green Daily News has the details:

Two Iraqi refugees living in Bowling Green were arraigned today on federal terrorism charges – including accusations of attempting to kill U.S. troops with explosive devices in Iraq. Waad Ramadan Alwan, 30, and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, 23, are charged in a 23-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury in Bowling Green on May 26. The men made their initial federal court appearance today in Louisville.

Alwan is accused of conspiring to kill U.S. nationals overseas, conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals overseas, distributing information on how to manufacture and use improvised explosive devices, attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq and conspiring to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

Hammadi is charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaida in Iraq, as well as conspiracy to transfer, possess and export Stinger missiles.

What the hell are these clowns doing in the United States in the first place?

Source: Bowling Green Daily News

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You may have read the story of the airline passenger who rushed the cockpit Sunday night on a flight between Chicago and San Francisco.

Michell Malkin reviews the highlights:


Cell phone photo shows unruly passengers trying to stop poor, peaceful Rageh Almurisi from peeing

[Rageh] Almurisi went toward the cockpit door 30 minutes before the flight from Chicago was supposed to land on Sunday night, San Francisco airport police Sgt. Michael Rodriguez said. Almurisi was yelling unintelligibly as he brushed past a flight attendant. 

Marty, 35, recalled that she and other passengers on the plane were stunned when they saw Almurisi walking down the aisle. She said a woman in a row across from her who speaks Arabic translated that Almurisi said “God is Great!” in Arabic.

Andrew Wai, another passenger, told KGO-TV on Monday that the wife of one of the men who took Almurisi down later said Almurisi was yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

“There was no question in everybody’s mind that he was going to do something,” Marty said.

A male flight attendant tackled Almurisi, and other crew members and passengers, including a retired Secret Service agent and a retired San Mateo police officer, helped subdue him as he banged on the door, police said. The flight attendant put plastic handcuffs on him.

Well, aren’t those people going to be embarrassed when they read the Associated Press’ simple explanation of what really happened on that flight?

The New Editor explains:

AP attempted to shed some light on the man’s intentions by quoting a relative of the man who helpfully suggested, “He might have seriously mistaken the cockpit for the bathroom…. He’s only been on three planes in his whole life.”

Right. And since Almurisi had peed in the cockpit the other two times, he just naturally assumed he should do it again on this flight.

Simple mistake. Could happen to anyone. No big deal.

Source: Michelle Malkin, The New Editor

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White House Security Adviser Tom Donilon showed up on Fox News Sunday and quickly painted himself into a very tiny corner.

He did what he was sent out to do – defend President Obama’s contradictory terror policies – but made himself look remarkably foolish in the process.

Donilon parroted the Obama administration line that waterboarding Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was against our American values, but didn’t have an answer when host Chris Wallace asked him to explain how that jibed with shooting Osama in the head.

Nice work, Chris.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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We’re not big Hannity fans, but he gets our congratulations for nailing Keith Ellison, the Democrat who proudly wears the label First Muslim in Congress.

Hannity quickly put Ellison in stuttering and sputtering mode. And by the end of this short video clip Ellison revealed his true position: We’re not just fighting Muslim terrorists, we’re fighting Christian and Jewish terrorists, too.

‘Cause, you know, Christians and Jews are in the news every day for strapping on dynamite vests and blowing up innocent women and children. Oh, no, wait. That’s Muslims. Well, Christians and Jews hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towrs. No, now that we think about it, that was Muslims, too. Well … well …

Never mind.

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Taliban transvestites attack NATO base

by editor on April 4, 2011

Taliban transvestites. What other conclusion can be drawn from this report from Afghanistan? None, we tell you. Absolutely none.

UPI (crap, we didn’t even know they were still in business) has the details:


Transvestite Taliban getting ready for the catwalk. Or for a sneak attack. Which ever comes first.

At least six Afghan insurgents were killed Saturday in an attack on a NATO military base near Kabul, military officials said.

Three NATO soldiers were injured in the attack by the guerrillas, two of whom were wearing the Muslim full-body women’s burqas, The Washington Post reported.

The insurgents were armed with Kalashnikov automatic weapons, but didn’t breach the base’s perimeter, NATO said. U.S. military said its forces shot two of the attackers and the others detonated suicide bomb-vests.

The vests were made of a delicate lavender silk with traditional Afghan embroidery. The ensemble was completed with jaunty burqas from the Calvin Klein summer collection. Shoes by Dolce & Gabbana. Dynamite by Alfred Nobel.

Source: UPI

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This is too bizarre to be believed, but we’re assured that it’s true. Al-Qaeda now publishes a women’s magazine that offers beauty, fashion and suicide bombing tips.

We couldn’t make up something this bizarre if our lives depended on it. And they may.


al-Qaeda Cosmo: Think about a subscription for the jihadi lady in your life

The Daily Mail UK has the publishing particulars:

Dubbed ‘Jihad Cosmo’, the glossy magazine’s front cover features the barrel of a sub-machine gun next to a picture a woman in a veil.

There are exclusive interviews with martyrs’ wives, who praise their husbands’ decisions to die in suicide attacks.

The slick, 31-page Al-Shamikha magazine – meaning The Majestic Woman – has advice for singletons on ‘marrying a mujahideen’.

Readers are told it is their duty to raise children to be mujahideen ready for jihad.

And the ‘beauty column’ instructs women to stay indoors with their faces covered to keep a ‘clear complexion’.

They should ‘not go out except when necessary’ and wear a niqab for ‘rewards by complying with the command of Allah Almighty’.

… A trailer for the next issue promises tips on skin care – and how to wage electronic jihad.

We have no smart ass closing line for this story. We are mute with amazement.

Source: Daily Mail UK

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O’Reilly producer Jesse Watters took his camera to Columbia University to ask the question, “Is there a Muslim problem in the world?”

Of course, our intellectual superiors living in the ivory towers of academe think the answer is no.

We would have world peace, though, if we just had more love and less Fox News.

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What’s that? You say Congress isn’t going to investigate suicide-bombing Baptists? What about throat-slashing Jews? And let’s not forget about those squads of airplane-hijacking Amish?


We demand that Congress investigate the Amish who are terrorizing Western Pennsylvania

USA Today has the discriminatory details:

As Congress prepares to hold a hearing investigating the radicalization of Muslims living in the United States, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds that a majority of Americans feel it is appropriate to focus the hearing just on U.S. Muslims.

The Thursday hearing before Rep. Peter King’s House Homeland Security Committee will look at the threat posed by U.S. Muslims being radicalized by terrorist organizations, and whether the Muslim-American community is doing enough to help law enforcement capture those who are becoming radicalized.

The hearing has prompted angry reactions from the Muslim community and civil rights groups, including the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, saying the community is being unfairly singled out.

The new poll finds that 52% of Americans feel the hearing is appropriate, while only 38% believe the hearing is inappropriate. Another 10% of Americans have no opinion.

The poll also found that more Americans think Muslims living in America are committed to their religion than think they are supportive of the United States. While 53% of Americans feel Muslims are supportive of the United States, 82% believe they are committed to their religious beliefs.

Allahu Akbar, ladies and gentlemen. Allahu Akbar.

Source: USA Today

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We must have been napping when the American Muslims rose as one and took that noble stand against terrorism, because we completely missed it. But it must have happened, because President Obama said so and he wouldn’t lie.


White House spokesman Denis McDonough always keeps a pencil behind his ear so he can write down any other hilarious thoughts

The Associated Press fills in the blanks in our memory. And probably yours, too:

The White House on Sunday praised American Muslims for helping fight violent extremism, but a House leader on terrorism issues said they aren’t cooperating enough with law enforcement to counter the radicalization of young followers by al-Qaida-linked groups.

Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough, speaking at an interfaith forum at a Northern Virginia mosque, commended its members for taking “an unequivocal stand against terrorism.”

“You’ve sent a message that those who perpetrate such horrific attacks do not represent you or your faith, and that they will not succeed in pitting believers of different faiths against one another,” McDonough said.

We’re picturing members of the mosque looking around at each other and saying, “Whatchu talking about, Denis?”

Source: Associated Press

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Australian Broadcasting Company host Jon Faine recently interviewed convicted terrorist and former Gitmo resident David Hicks.

Hicks was as quick to anger as you might expect a convicted terrorist to be. Faine, on the other hand, was merely quick. Make sure you read the whole transcript just to set up Faine’s closing line.


Aussie talk show host Jon Faine learned that it's just not possible to be polite to a terrorist

Hicks: I don’t think you’ve read my book, that’s correct?

Faine: No, I’ve not read your book.

Hicks: Are you aware that I’ve even written a book?

Faine: I’m aware that you’ve written a book called Guantanamo: My Journey. When it arrived at the radio station we asked if you were available. We were told you were not, so I didn’t read it.

Hicks: What do you mean by that?

Faine: Well, this was last year I think it came out, didn’t it?

Hicks: It came out in the middle of October.

Faine: Yeah, so at the stage the book arrived you were not available so I didn’t read a book for someone I wasn’t going to interview.

Hicks: Oh, fair enough. I’d have thought you had an interest in this area and obviously you knew you’d be speaking to me, you would read about it.

Faine: I was told I’d be speaking to you about an hour ago, so I haven’t been able to read your book in an hour, so keep going, though. If you renounce terrorism, what’s led to your change of heart?

Hicks: Nothing’s led to my change of heart. It’s a bit difficult to discuss this with someone who’s not read my book. There’s tens of thousands of Australians out there who have read my book and even before then were informed enough to know differently.

Faine: Well, I plead guilty that I haven’t read your book. You plead guilty to terrorism. I think your offence is the greater. Can we discuss it, please?

Your move, terror boy.

H/T: Andrew Bolt

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