Ashton, Demi pledge to remain relevant

by Administrator on January 20, 2009

Check out this inauguration day “Presidential Pledge” video produced by aging starlet Demi Moore and her son husband Ashton Kutcher. It’s a perfect stage for a few big stars and a ton of wannabe big stars to reveal the depth of their newly discovered love for America. Here’s how the Moore and Kutcher describe their work:

“Reflecting Barack’s call for change, the film features over 50 of the biggest stars in Hollywood revealing how they plan to personally participate in keeping America strong, proud and green.”

We’re into pop culture in a big way here at IHTM. For god’s sake, we watch TMZ religiously and wouldn’t miss Access Hollywood and subscribe to People. But we swear we don’t recognize at least 25 of the fifty. And one more thing — did we blink and miss Clint Eastwood?

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So gay. So irrelevant. So a sign of the Obamabot times. May God speed January 2013. May God make Obama as impotent and ineffectual as possible. His hate America first idea that there is a big govt solution for everything must fail.

Bruce Cook

I pledge to never watch a video from a group of people who are making empty pledges that they will never be held to again.


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