‘Dine-and-dash dater’ faces 10 felony counts for allegedly skipping out on dates before bill: Why is it assumed that the man will be paying for dinner? Clearly feminism has taught us nothing.

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Did he actually SAY he was going to pay? Because if he didn’t actually SAY he was paying, they don’t have a case. I’ve done some Internet dating and I’ve been stuck with the bill. I guess they assume it’s okay because I’m a man. I would never consider reporting those women to law enforcement, even though it was clear a few of them knew before they ever arrived at the restaurant they were too damn ugly to be interesting to me. I guess there still are differences between the genders. I wonder how many of these particular women complaining about their blind date not paying consider themselves liberal feminists? I bet all of them–but when the bill comes they conveniently forget that. Here’s my guess: I bet this guy got stuck with one too many bills and decided he was going to turn the tables on some women… no pun intended.

So I side with the guy. I’m rooting for him. I hope he sticks it to the women again by exposing their hypocrisy in open court. I remember way back in the early stages of the Internet being contacted by a woman who said she was an old friend from high school. She hinted that we’d been more than friends back then and asked if I was interested in seeing her again. I was newly divorced and foolishly assumed it was my high school girlfriend. When I got to the restaurant, I didn’t have a fucking clue who she was. And she was about 300 pounds heavy. She ordered steak and lobster and expected me to pay for it, and I was too much of a gentleman to tell her to go jump in the lake. That was the last time I let myself get suckered like that. After that I met the women in coffee shops. A cup of coffee for a no-second-date woman doesn’t seem so expensive.


I heard about this.
He asked out a bunch of women, ordered very expensive meals, and then left before the bill came, sticking them with it.
When you ask someone out, it’s assumed you’re paying.


She asked out a bunch of men, ordered the very expensive meals and then left before the bill came.
I don’t see this as anything but being rude. I’m not seeing the law breaking here. And this is the age of “equality”, right?