Good news! Dan Rather is here to teach you about fake news: Dan Rather is as phony as the fake documents he tried to rig an election with.

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Damn Danny where’s the PC and printer? That fine in home office surely has both.

This ass hole just wants to keep his face and name in the public. Too bad “Charlie” never got a good look at his cowardly ass.


And the thing is Rather was a good reporter back then. This is just one example of the shit he faced when he was a young, good reporter.


The mother effer has not 1 once of self awareness. How he can do this with a straight face is amazing. He is as fake as Stormy Daniels’ tits, & has been for much longer.

Not so silent

Dan do us all a favor, have a large stroke and die.

Joe Redfield

This must be one of those do-it-yourself instructional videos; no one has more first hand experience with fake news than Dan Rather.