Limbaugh: FBI Rekindled Email Investigation Just to Distract Attention From Wikileaks. Nice try guys but we listened to Limbaugh yesterday. He clearly stated this was not his theory but was being touted by “cynics”.

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Three competing theories about why Comey made this announcement:

1. He might be trying to restore his reputation.
2. The “cynics” view that he’s trying to distract people from WikiLeaks.
3. (My personal favorite) Something is in these emails that is so dramatic that if he DIDN’T make an announcement he would later be accused of hiding something relevant to the election.


Yeah, he said it like it was coming from cynics but he left it open as to whether he was a cynic himself. This has totally replaced WikiLeaks daily disaster for Hillary in the news, which the MSM was finally beginning to cover. Meanwhile, nothing will come of it because we already KNOW Comey is in the tank for the Democrats. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. People already fell for this fake investigation once, it’s sill to fall for the same scam again.

Jim Stewart

I heard Rush mention this theory and he was clear it was not his theory but it sure is a good one. Hillary’s middle name should be “deflect”. She does it often.


Leave it to a Soros backed groups to try and spin what was clearly something that it was not.

Comey is terrified what Wikileaks is about to show his emails and what all is in them. Comey is also terrified of the true professionals that still work for the FBI are going to layout to congress. His nice cushy retirement plan and all of it’s benefits will be no more for him.