Venus, Serena Williams join Billie Jean King equal pay push:

Serena and Venus Williams are the 6th and 10th highest payed tennis players on the planet, respectively. That is despite the fact that there are around 1000 people out there that could beat them on the tennis court, but are paid less than the Williams sisters. And why are those 1000 people paid less than Serena and Venus Williams? It is because they are men. Now, we have no problem with that. The Williams’ are of a far greater value to the tennis world than any of the people they are being paid more than. What we do have a problem with is being lectured to by people that don’t understand that any pay gap is rooted in a productivity gap. We are also bothered by -possibly accidental- hypocrites that will take the money, but not the point.

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Leave it to the feminazis to bitch and moan about a certain audience enjoying something. Yet theses same feminazis bemoan the fact when they cant find MEN.

Damn give me a break.


When one of these feminazis can beat a man on the court then they will deserve the same pay. Until then STFU! What are the Williams sisters bitching about anyway? They are millionaires many times over. They have shown the world that black women can play tennis and win. They have done good in their life, what are they bitching about?


I’ve watched a few of Karen Straughan’s videos and this is one of my favorites. It’s where Jordan Peterson Trained Cathy Newman on the gender pay gap. Karen’s comments are spot on. It takes about 4 minutes before it gets into the debate.