CNN and MSNBC Pundit Arrested for Vandalizing Pro-Israeli Survival Ad In N.Y. Subway System: Another fellow traveler of the MSM fails the tolerance test and melts down. It is just so hard for them now that they don’t control all the information, all the time.

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Mona AlTahawi, this is what happens in America when you become a public embarrassment!


She’s too God damn dumb to be embarrassed.


She has probably now lost the opportunity to be seen by dozens of viewers at a time on MessNBC and CNN.


Uhm, that is the first time I’ve seen someone being arrested, one hand in handcuffs, reach into their bag with the other. If you are anything but a lefty protester, you are going to at a minimum get body slammed and perhaps even tazed or shot. That is a complete lack of situational awareness on that cops part. Sure he thinks he knows what is going on, but you can’t always assume that she is some twinkle toes, she could have been reaching for a gun or the trigger for a vest.

That he can’t think of the word “vandalism’ is pretty weird also.

Oh, and another thing, could you pick a color with even less opacity than that pink?? WTF, she just highlighted it for everyone.

Take the can of paint away from her, take the spray nozzle out and hand it back to her….

Elrond Hubbard

Hmmm…pink paint, pink coat, is Ms. Eltahaway a meember of Code PInk?

Vandalism is “free speech” when you’re on the Left.


Saw this on Red Eye, & I laughed my ass off.


You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t watch MSNBCommunist, so I don’t have the faintest idea who this woman is. Suffice it to say that I hope she gets lost somewhere in the bowels of Rikers Island.


This is just hilarious. Welcome to the level of journalist hired by CNN and MSNBC. Not only is she a criminal who doesn’t believe in free speech, she’s dumb. “I’m not vioalting free speech, I’m making an expression ON free speech!” What does that even mean?


The add addresses jihad savagery. She is either stupid beyond words or a jihadist herself My vote is for stupid.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

The “S” in MSNBC stands for “Stalinist.”


Such a high level if tolerance on display. Is this not a hurtful and hateful attack upon a religion? Why is there no call about them disrespecting a religion? Where is the 0300 perp walk?

If you are going to bitch and blame it goes across all aspects not just the flavor of the month.


freaking dumb-ass libitard haz never heard of vandalism?

She is so stupid she is lucky she pointed the spray-can at the wall and not her face, because it is obvious she has never used one before.

But then again, holding a spray can just barely resembles work of some kind so naturally she would know NOTHING about it.