Americans Not Convinced Gun Control Is A Top Priority. Yes only 6% are concerned about it per a Gallup poll. What we need is Coward Broward County Sheriff’s Department control, Illinois control (gave confiscated guns back to Tennessee shooter’s father), dumb parent control (Tennessee shooter’s father gave him his guns back even though he was banned owning them), and FBI control (knew about not only the Tennessee shooter but also the Broward shooter, the Las Vegas shooter, the Garland, Texas “Draw Mohammed shooter, etc.)

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The FBI is a thing of the past. all the leaders can produce is sold in bags, stuff that needs lawns green. A good flushing of leadership is needed!

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

I guess Global Climate Change Cataclysm didn’t make the list because everybody already knows that 97% of everybody knows that it’s real, so there would be no point in listing it.