Is any of your investment money managed by BlackRock? If so, pull it out now and put it somewhere else. The CEO of BlackRock, manager of “$6 trillion in investments through 401(k) plans, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds, making it the largest investor in the world,” has decided it will only invest in socially responsible corporations from now on… and, as we all know, “socially responsible” is code for leftwing whacko bullshit like windmills, waterless toilets, and donations to Democrat political campaigns.

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Notice they said “risk losing support” and not “we’ll pull out our $$ if you don’t do as we say?” Big difference. One is posturing, the other is a threat. This guy is posturing in order to gain favor of some group he is trying to get to invest with his company. Most likely some retirement fund controlled by the democrats.


When I turned 60, and could do so without taking a huge tax hit, I cleaned out my 401(k) and Keogh retirement plans and started taking care of my own money. A few oil and gas stocks, mostly natural gas, some munis, a little here and there in the tech world and a lot of gold. And do not fall for that you are buying shares in the gold market scam either. If the gold is not in your hands then you will get screwed. Buy gold, or silver, that you can carry out of the place and put it in a safe place!

All of you here that are over 59 1/2 can do the same thing. Clean out your retirement accounts and start taking care of your own money! Yes, you will have to pay some income taxes but you will not have to pay capitol investment taxes which is much higher. Talk to a good tax person, who knows how to screw the system. Pay them well then start really building up a retirement that you can be proud of. Thanks to President Trump’s policies in one year alone I have about 22% more money over all than I had when he got elected. My retirement account looks better than it has in 10 years and I am loving it!

Joe Redfield

Nice of him to be so generous with your money, if you have it invested through Black Rock.


You may not realize it, but you do G-D’s work. This is IMPORTANT information. Thank you. I don’t have crap invested with them but thanks to G-D, my Mother and the Trump economy I have squirreled away some money TO GO towards investment and I am glad that I know of a place to avoid. Thanks!

Not so silent

Yup the elitist dipshits that run Kalifornia two retirement system, Cal-Pers and Cal-Stars started the same shit a few years back at the urging of the losers from places like Bezerekly. They sold off investments in oil, energy, naughty countries like Israel cause you know, Palestinians, and now Cal Pers and Cal Stars are UNDER PERFORMING shit holes with Billions in underfunded liabilities..So good luck to this Blackrock moron…If he has your money, you are going to own stock in windmill farms, unicorn ranches and fairy dust factories….and Like Cal-Pers your money will be worth nothing. Get out now before this guy screws you.