Bob Woodward’s trail of accuracy issues lies. Now that he has a book negative about Trump, the mainstream media talks about his “long and storied history of credibility.” But they ignore all the times he was caught lying in the past. Remember when Woodward said he was alone in the room with dying former CIA Director William Casey and the unconscious man suddenly sat up in bed and made a confession? Casey’s family and protection detail said it never happened–they wouldn’t even let the creep in the room. Remember when Woodward claimed an Obama official was trying to intimidate him? The Obama administration released the full transcript of the email exchange to show Woodward was lying. That’s just two of a long list of examples over the years. Even Deep Throat was a composite, not a real Watergate source, and the source Woodward and Bernstein swore for four decades was NOT a grand juror breaking the law… turned out to be a grand juror breaking the law. So much for his vaunted Watergate chops.

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Saw a story this morning that Woodward has been working with the FBI for a couple decades… That right there tells you he is a deep stater and a piece of dog crap in a paper bag, on fire, on your front porch at 3 AM….


Reminds me of Chunk from The Goonies.