Colorado is targeting Christian baker Jack Phillips — again. This time, he’s going on the offensive. Now the transvestite cake patrol is out requesting goodies they know full well he won’t make. He’s suing and we hope he wins a shipload of money.

On June 26, 2017 — the exact same day the Supreme Court agreed to hear Phillips’ case — a lawyer called Masterpiece Cakeshop asking for a birthday cake. The lawyer requested the cake be pink on the inside and blue on the outside, explaining it would be used to celebrate the seventh anniversary of her gender transition.

Masterpiece declined to make the cake and explained it could not, in good conscience, bake a cake celebrating a transgender message. The shop offered to bake other cakes or sell the lawyer a pre-designed cake. The lawyer declined.

On July 20, 2017, the lawyer — Autumn Scardina — filed a discrimination complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission alleging Phillips discriminated against her because she is transgender.

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When it gets to the Supreme Court this time the court should file contempt of court charges against the chick with a dik and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Then award Phillips about $10 million and the assholes can stay in jail until he is paid.

That is the only way to get the message to the liberal loons on these state commissions, fine their asses big time for bringing stupid lawsuits in front of the court.


In Germany its done pretty much that way. The losing party pays the court cost and both attorney fees.