Cornel West: ‘Coward’ Obama Doesn’t Care When ‘Black Folk’ Get Shot, Only When ‘Vanilla’ Children Do: Why would Obama care when “black folk” get shot? He’s already exploited them as much as he can for the time being. Sadly this is not the case for Mr. Cornel West. Having nothing to recommend him other than outrage he must again go back to his empty mines and demand gold prices for the lumps of clay he has tarted up with Krylon Model K1706.

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barbiegirl ny

If West is really worried about all the “vanilla” coverage, perhaps he can do some investigative journalism–a lost art in this country–and expose all the shootings and gang activity that kill a lot of “black folk” nationwide. See, the real problem is that wherever gangs and violence is prevalent, it’s a damn good bet there’s a democrat in charge. How ’bout it, West?

Not so silent

That’s on scary looking guy….And I bet he went to college and majored in “Goofy Shit”….Must have been at the head of his class…..Another liberal using up oxygen for no apparent purpose…


He likely has a liberal arts degree.


It is simply not possible to give any credence to the words of Cornell West. He is a light-weight, a shallow two-bit conglomeration of flesh and bone with all of the intellectual throw-weight of a Milk Dud made during the Carter administration.

In short, a liberal.


He doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s death. I believe he is incapable of real empathy but he is capable of exploiting deaths that advance his agenda.


Obama doesn’t care when ANY kids get killed. Well, maybe his own, we don’t know about that. But the only time he’s going to go on TV and get all teary-eyed is when he can push HIS agenda with it. The kids in Chicago are the fault of his kind of policies, just as the kids in Newtown are. Just different parts of the policies. And he wants to not only continue those policies, but double down on them.

Bonfire of the Absurdities

Well, West does have a point of sorts. Rahm’s Chicago has had how many murders this year? Kids and adults are killed everyday in the cities and there’s no uproar about it, but if you added up the numbers it would be a lot more than the CT massacre. That’s not to minimize what the people are going thru there, that’s just the way things work. The truth of the matter is that many more people kill themselves every year than there are murders (generally around twice as many.) But there’s no story (and advertising profits) for the media in that, so the hell with it.

Think of it this way: the media sells fear because fear gets people to watch and listen, increases ratings and brings in the dollars. If it bleeds, it leads. I wouldn’t be surprised if morons like Piers Morgan and his ilk don’t believe HALF the stupid crap they say, they just say it to cause controversy and get viewers to watch their miserable show. That’s why you can never argue with these “journ0lists” – they are basically just putting on a freak show with themselves as the stars.

Anyway, Obama is an egotistical politician, not a god… the fact that he jumps on these media bandwagons to draw attention to himself and manipulate the public should not come as a surprise to anyone, even West.


Is this guy connected to reality? What human being can look at a mass shooting of 1st Grade children, IN THEIR CLASSROOM!!! And then complain there wasn’t enough dead black kids, so the President should have kept his mouth shut.

From the pictures of the victims, well, lets just say his racism or mental sickness gives him a broad definition of vanilla.


Obama only tears up when needed for political points. He could give a rat’s ass who was murdered in that school be it white or black. If he could make political points with it, he’s all for tearing up. It’s all about him, nothing more and nothing less.


Riiiiiiiight, Dr. West… as evidenced by Obama’s silence during the Trayvon Martin furor.


Most of the gun murders in this country are black gang bangers shooting at each other with quite a bit of collateral damage to the black public – including quite a few black kids. It doesn’t take long to check out the murder statistics of super gun controlled Chicago to realize that black on black murder isn’t going to be addressed by magazine restrictions and banning “bad” looking guns. This is what’s got Dr. West’s panties in a twist.