Dumbest analysis of a Bible story ever? “Rabbi” Tamara Kolton, in a magazine for Jewish socialists called The Forward, says God abused Eve just like Dr. Larry Nassar abused little girls.

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As a person that does not subscribe to denominations I say the following: This is not an issue of organized religion, this is an issue about an individual dumbass, and the dumbasses that listen to the dumbassery. A dumb person that has no right to call herself a teacher of the Word of G-D, is attempting and failing to teach the Word of G-D. That is the only true problem here. The reception for this has been pretty brutal for her online. I am surprised it is still up. Organized religion when well applied will actually dispute and rebuff this as of course individuals and groups that do not subscribe to organized religion. In the desire to be fair and just, this cannot be blamed on organized religion as a whole.

This morning I read 1 Timothy 1. “For some men (people), straying from these things, have turned aside to fruitless discussion, wanting to be teachers of the Law, even though they do not understand either what they are saying or the matters about which they make confident assertions.” Yep… exactly. This is a problem that is ancient in nature. It fits perfectly because that is exactly what is happening. She wants to be a teacher when it is not her place to be and she hasn’t encountered enough people to tell her “No… you cannot and should not speak nonsense woman” That is on her and on her boot lickers. “As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord” and recognize foolishness when we see it and to call it out as such.

Allah is not G-D not even close. I even don’t want to put the Tetragrammaton near it. I just wanted to post that. I don’t care what the Muslims sas, allah is a bitch demon or satan at worst and a moon/star goddess idol at best. That is it. That maybe THEIR word for god, but that is not their word for the ACTUAL G-D of Heaven and Earth. Islam is a decoy religion meant to be used to ensnare weak ass bitches whose desire is for this world and the pleasures of this world to be translated into the next. Also a religion meant to ACTUALLY and ACTIVELY to THIS VERY DAY enslave humanity. It is a fake and a fraud just like the anti Christ will be, why I believe that it is possible the anti Christ will be a Muslim.


“…this is an issue about an individual dumbass, and the dumbasses that listen to the dumbassery.”



Numbers 31:34

“And threescore and one thousand asses”


Sweet Jesus, where do these people come from? Just one more reason to stay away from any kind of organized religion. I have Jewish friends, finestkind folks. I have set at their table for Seder, even though I am a goy. They have set at my table for a Christmas dinner even though they do not celebrate Christmas. Like I said, finestkind people.

Funny thing is, our beliefs are pretty much the same. They don’t go to a synagogue, I don’t got to a church, because we believe from the heart. And that friends is where true belief in a higher power comes from, from your own heart. You can call Him Yahweh, God, even Allah, but the point is they are just names. Organized religions are mans invention, not our Lord or his son’s. The thing is we could all get along because we all believe, all it takes is people sitting down together instead of fighting, killing each other, over differences in opinion that was created by men long ago.


I can agree with some of what you say. Salvation is a personal experience between you and God that Christ has enabled. That is the key. No one comes to God the Father except through His Son. Organized religion can be bad, but not all people that come together in the name of Christ are. I have been the member of five different local Bible believing churches during my life time. Find a local Bible believing church. You will be blessed with good fellowship. Worshiping God in praise and song can be very joyful. A good prayer group is essential to me. Hebrews 10:25 Let us not neglect meeting together, as some have made a habit, but let us encourage one another, and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
Allah is not God. Muslims do not believe Christ is the son of God. They do not believe He rose from the dead. They do not believe in the same God as Christians. I’m not saying that all, so called Christian churches, are right either. Some have doctrines that veer away from the Gospel, which is the saving news in the Bible that leads to a personal relationship with God through Christ. priests or a pope can not replace that. Not everyone that goes to a Bible believing church I would pick will be saved either. Some go for reasons other than a relationship with God.
Don’t judge Christianity through man, you will be disappointed every time. Christ is the answer and the example all Christians should strive for. Only He was perfect. That’s why He was able to break the curse that separated man from God. He has opened the veil through Christ. Jews can no longer be saved by the law. That’s why when Christ came God ended animal sacrifice to cover sin. That’s all it could do, cover, not take away like Christ can. He is the one true way.


Where do these fools come up with such nonsense


What happened to the serpent, Satan? And Eve did not go hungry. The first couple had all the fruit of the garden except the one forbidden fruit.
The father of lies has a firm grip on this Rabbi.

Joe Redfield

This is right up there with the Progressive economic interpretation of the miracle of the loaves and fishes -“Everything is free!”