Fake news is killing people’s minds, warns Apple boss Tim Cook as he calls for a campaign against phoney reports. Yeah, the problem is who gets to decide what’s real and what’s fake? If it’s the libtards you can bet he’s all for it, if it’s conservatives, not so much.

Tim Cook

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Here’s how this one will work –

Headline “Trump suspected of raping up to 12 women”

No problem. You see, it says he’s “suspected”, which it the truth. Never mind that the person doing the suspecting also has blogged on numerous occasions claiming that Bush directed the destruction of the WTC, that the gov’t is spraying chemicals on us (chemtrails), that the gov’t blew up the NOLA levees during Katrina, Fluoride is a gov’t plot, etc.

Headline “Bill Clinton suspected of raping up to 12 women”

Fake news. There is no evidence to support that allegation. The AG said so. Of course the AG said he found no evidence because the AG did not look into the matter, but still …


I frequently have verbal sparring matches with a leftist idiot on FB who SWEARS that Hillary never in her life broke a law, because she’s never been convicted.


Yes, and OJ didn’t kill anybody

Not so silent

NO actually libtard brainwashing is killing brains. and since liberals are blessed with a teeny tiny pea brain, it doesn’t take much to turn them into Maxine Waters, or Hank Thompson.


Why is Queen bitch sitting on a throne?


Because he thinks he is a ruler of the world, I really think he believes that.

Jim Stewart

Fake news has been around forever. Everyone remembers the story of the dog being dried in the microwave. Urban myths, fake news, both get policed by people who consume news with skepticism. The last thing we need is a do-gooder liberal keeping score.

Joe Redfield

Naturally, the Progressive solution involves expanding the government.


The simple solution is to inform yourself. Do not depend on one source for anything. That’s what public education has removed from the curriculum. The ability to critically think for one self. What has been pushed out as education is indoctrination.

To save this nation, we’ve got to root out the leftist within the education system. From kindergarten to doctorate.

The left feels anything that challenges their position is either racist bigoted homophobic or fake news. They have no tolerance for any other position than that of theirs.