FCC votes to end internet neutrality. Think your cable TV bill is bad? Get ready to bend forward some more.

We were sent this by our ISP immediately after the Net Neutrality Vote by the FCC.

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Will look at my cell and cable bill… I noticed extra taxes that increased the prices… let me see if the companies are ethical and remove the extra fees.


The Internet was fine before net neutrality and it will be fine without out it. After all, less government is like bacon–it makes everything better.


The main reason the internet exploded is the gov’t stayed the hell away. Explosive growth in an area usually means the gov’t is nowhere to be found.

Not so silent

I agree with everything you guys posted. Remember, obama was behind NN. It has to have socialist intent in the long run.


The hype is nothing more than Chicken Little and the sky is falling BS. If it’s regulated the government has control. It’s thst simple. ISP are not going to cut their own throats, they will find ways to make money and the last time I looked we are still a free market system, despite all quagmire tried to change it.


I wouldn’t worry too much about “bending forward some more” where the cable companies are concerned. They’ve been losing customers so fast the last five or so years that it’s making their noses bleed and as baby boomers check out, there aren’t enough Gen-X and Millennial folks interested in cable t.v. to take-up the slack.


Yea, between Firestick, Roku, Sling TV, and all the other options, all the cable companies are doing is providing internet service.
The good thing about this is it may finally give them some bargaining power with those assholes at ESPN.

Jim Stewart

Yes, thumbs down on all this net neutrality hysteria. Nearly all the reporting makes it sounds the the world is going to end because of the FCC’s decision. Thank goodness I still have all the supplies I stashed away for Y2K when the world was going to end.


People said the same thing when Congress ended regulating cable pricing. It wasn’t Armageddon then. It’s not now. We lived without net neutrality before 2015. We’ll live without it after 2017. Seriously. Anything that has the media and progressives having conniptions, I’m for.


Agree with you. It was nothing but an excuse to make ISPs jump through regulatory hoops and give a bunch of bureaucrats jobs.