Fmr U.S. Atty: Comey’s Hand Forced by FBI ‘Seething’ Anger at Botched Hillary Email Investigation. Sounds like the FBI almost had a civil war over this and Comey lost. He has no place to go but down now and it looks like he’s going to take Hillary with him.

Well, he didn’t have any choice. He had to send the letter once he was confronted with the evidence of the New York investigation. If he hadn’t sent the letter, there would have been leaks out of New York and he would have been embarrassed. So, he sent the letter because he didn’t have any choice and it’s as simple as that. I mean, they were gonna leak it, and he knew it.

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Not so silent

you would think as a board member on the clinton foundations money laundering operation, Comey might have considered a conflict of interest or that fact his brother does the foundations taxes, but of course he does the honorable thing and lets it all slide until he got caught! Rats eating the rats.


CNBC is calling this a “Black Swan” situation, which I find fascinating. I wrote about Black Swans twice back in 2008, the first time relative to AGW and the second time relative to Hank Paulson (and economists in general). Basically, if CNBC is correct, the polls we’re seeing are meaningless… which, given the way they’ve been swinging over the last week, we probably already knew. It’s anybody’s election right now.

Joe Redfield

Tough luck, Jim. If you’d had an ounce of self respect you’d have told BO and his pet AG six months ago to take their coverup and shove it


Correct. If he had an ounce of self respect. But he has been running cover for the Clinton criminals for years and is a criminal himself. Besides, his attitude is most likely, “Everybody else in DC is hauling in the cash why shouldn’t I get some too.”