Ghana president re-elected, a result opposition claims was ‘manipulated’: Perhaps this guy should have won the Obama way –that is to say by getting more votes than there are actual voters– because nobody ever questions the validity of that method.

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So, they know how we feel.
Does Soros have any financial interests in Ghana?


We’re all Ghanans now.


Ghanians. I have known many Africans in my life. i’m familiar with the continent, as well as some of the nations contained theirin, regions, what have you. What they all had in common, i mean like lowest common denominator: they were here legally, they understood more fully the value of freedom, than a like number of USA ppl.

Live like a beast, die like a beast.
Live as a human, you got a chance.
I don’t credit darwin. for it seems to me, survival of the fittest, if that’s so, then we ought to expect mutations in the human genome, to deal with the vicissitudes of nature’s folly. Oedipus couldn’t control Triton, (edit: Neptune.) right? LOL get right or get left ppl. 😀