Home and dry: Heartwarming picture emerges of the Texas senior citizens from THAT viral flood picture now safe and happy in their new residence. Happy ending for a change.

  • La Vita Bella facility flooded with waist-deep water and residents were trapped
  • A photo of the residents sitting in water apparently unbothered went viral
  • The image was posted on Sunday morning and they were evacuated that day
  • The ladies are now safe and sound in another institution 20 miles from flooding
  • Officials had told the residents to wait in place as Hurricane Harvey hit
  • The building had never suffered flooding before so the result was unexpected

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Glad to see them all safe and sound.


Da hell where their kids?!

Not so silent
Not so silent

Where the hell were the employees that were suppose to take care of these ladies? And they can thank that idiot Mayor for telling them not to evacuate…

Red Robster
Red Robster

I lived in Houston during tropical storms and hurricanes and I have witnessed the horrors of evacs. Nearly 80 people lost their lives during evac before Rita even hit. Ike was a nightmare for those who evacuated. I was much more comfy sheltering in place than the masses who were stuck in traffic. Certainly the old folks homes and orphanages ought to have evac plans in place regardless of what the authorities decide and imo such evacs ought to be carried out 3-4 days before projected landfall later than that and the chance of being caught in traffic snarl is just to great to contemplate. And then one has to consider the costs associated with housing and feeding these folk.
What irks me the most is when I see gas prices shooting up to over 8.5 bux a gallon and the cities not hammering the gougers with stiff fines and lengthy jail time.
Oh and for the record these nursing home residents were in the city of Dickinson and not under Houston’s authority. And Dickinson P.D. didn’t order mandatory evac of its 20k pop til yesterday (Monday) and that was because of rainfall not high winds nor storm surge.
As far as I can tell there have only been 6 deaths attributable to Harvey as of this writing and I dare say if the Galveston-Houston corridor had been under mandatory evac orders the death toll would be much, much higher.


Supply and demand on those fuel prices. The station is most likely going to take some strong damage, be out of business for quite some time. There isn’t any gas being trucked in, for good reason. You want them to just empty their tanks for the pennies per gallon profit that they survive on daily?

Red Robster
Red Robster

I am sure the gas stations are well insured considering the likelihood of disastrous storms in any given year. There is a difference though between a decent profit and greed. I don’t have any problems with owners making 150kpy cus that is based on what the market will bear. Granted 8.5 is not nearly as bad as 10 or even the 20 I recently heard about. But if price gouging is proved then those suckers stand to lose a lot more via fines, esp. If they’re gouging seniors.
In the case of gouging facilities I have noticed in the past certain facilities going out of business post-disaster because people remembered and refused to patronize such sites. I also have to wonder just how much the stations have to pay in eco-cleaning post storm when their tanks are not emptied via regular priced sales but have many gallons of over priced unsold go juice left in storage. And i expect watery fuel will have to be pumped out and replaced with good fuel after the storm.
But perhaps I have a distorted view and owners struggle to make ends meet just as much as consumers.