How The Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday. And people wonder why we hate the liberal media.

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We used to hang traitors, or stand them up in front of a firing squad. Now we know why the gooberment ended that practice, government officials didn’t want to get the punishment they deserve when they get caught screwing us, the American public.


Are we surprised?!?!? Honest to Eff, man. Did you all hear the crazies at the press conference where his doctor took questions on President Trump’s health??? “Does he have dentures?” I’m surprise they never got to asking if it was his real hair! Compare and contrast THAT ridiculous floundering around with all the questions about Broom Hilly’s health during the campaign — there was none. In fact, if I recall, asking ANYTHING about her health was denounced as bigoted, misogynistic, hateful, fascist, etc etc etc. They’re like an invisible Jonestown cult spread across the country. One can only hope that — well, I suppose I shouldn’t really say itcomment image