Jim Jordan’s accusers have a sketchy history, raising questions about their ‘authenticity.’  Bullying, defamation, one did jail time for fraud. We can’t imagine why they shouldn’t be believed 101%.

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Grown men who have skills that allow them to protect themselves as well. Just another look at me agitator who is looking for 5 minutes of fame and in the process destroy another’s future.


Always, always, always, consider the source.


This is the Deep State striking back at a conservative congressman who has been holding their feet to the fire, mark my words. Out of all the wrestlers, only one claims that he told Jordan about the doctor. The rest of the accusers merely say they think Jordan knew but didn’t do anything. I call bullshit. These aren’t little boys. These are grown men, wrestlers on a college wrestling team. They don’t need the kind of protection little kids need. They were perfectly capable of protecting themselves. Which makes me wonder if any of this abuse actually happened, because if it happened to me at that age the doctor would have ended up in the hospital. None of this makes sense.