Latest revelations make the entire ‘collusion’ probe look like a partisan hit. It appears to us someone should investigate the FBI and Mueller for ‘collusion.’

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Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

It’s been apparent all along that the whole Russian investigation was a partisan fishing expedition, and members of the MSM were the willing accomplices of the Dems and the ‘Intelligence Community’. Too bad there is no way we can legally take them out and shoot them.

Not so silent
Not so silent

Most intelligent people figured this out a long time ago. The entire top of the FBI is now run by criminals, They are the “deep state” if you wanna use that term, the money spent is wasted, Mueller is a political plant, Conmy is a DNC operative, and the rest of these cranks on Mueller’s team are having an anti Trump circle jerk. another 6.7 million down the drain so far. And the entire team now has Zero Credibility..ZERO, Nada, Zip, None, Nyet.

They let the Clintoons slide and yet here we are with that Asshole from Texas, Mr. Green, (who either looks like a neanderthal or a sex pervert or a combination) trying to Impeach Trump, and he got voted down because only 58 mentally ill democrats went along with him.

If you can’t see through this bullshit, then you need to enroll in the Helen Keller school for the blind. And where the hell is congress on this, the House “might vote” on a contempt citation for the FBI and DOJ? Where the Hell is Sessions?

Trump needs to start firing this bunch of traitors, Sessions needs to bring them to trial, and they need top spend a long time in prison. Otherwise the spineless republicans are just as bad as the libtards and we are F*cked.