Maine state rep suggests in Facebook rant he would harm Trump We can only hope this man’s hateful words won’t radicalize psychopath democrats like the rhetoric of Bernie Sanders and the SPLC has.

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“I want to do bad things and suffer no consequences” said everyone in hell…


Oh, and isn’t this precious? “And if anything negative comes from your attack on my employment, my attorney will be in touch,” Hamann wrote. “Cease and desist.”

So, to recap: He threatens a POTUS on social media, says it was just an exchange between himself and a friend or something, and when a radio personality tries to get comment from his employer, he makes another threat.

Ain’t nothing loony-toon about that, right?

Not so silent

The Secret Service needs to stop by and say a very verbal way.

Racer X

Has he tried getting a job at a tattoo parlor?

Racer X

Stupidity has consequences.

Joe Redfield

Miaine? This shows just how far the Progressive infection has spread.

Jim Stewart

Well now Maine has given us Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe. Not exactly a bastion of conservatism.