McCabe just made life tough for Comey and the special counsel: Either McCabe is lying or J. Edgar Comey is. Which is a little like saying either Bill Clinton likes women, or Hillary does.

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Anyone else hearing the truck backing up with its alarm going off? You know, the truck with all the shit in it as it is backing up to dump on McCabe, Comey, Muleface, Hildabeast and Quagmire.

When you lie to the police in general and the FBI in particular, it brings some serious results when caught. McCabe is bitching because that cushy retirement check and gig just got flushed at the last moment. Oh well, to bad ass hole. The punk has now got a big problem on his hands as well. His buddies are up to their necks in all kinds of criminal activity and unlike the 90s, there is an alternative media that is willing to call them out for it.

Not so silent

Funny how these pieces of government shit like to charge other people lying to the FBI, but they lie with impunity. I hope someone slaps the smug look off their faces, and slaps them hard.