Snopes:Did a High School Principal Target a Pro-Gun Rights Student During a Protest for Gun Control? Need a good laugh? Snopes twisting themselves into a pretzel over this “fact check” is almost as funny as the time Snopes Founding Mother accused Snopes Founding Father of embezzling $98,000. from the company to spend on prostitutes.

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So, basically, what Snopes is saying is, “Whatever the leftist principal says happened, that’s what happened.”

Not so silent
Not so silent

“Snopes” sound like some kind of anal lube anyway. Snopes, “the quicker fact fucker upper”….


If the principal is claiming authority to remove signs that are not pre-approved, then I have one question: were every one of those anti-gun signs on display submitted to the principal and approved ahead of time? We all know the answer. This had nothing to do with pre-approval and everything to do with the sign not agreeing with the principal’s political beliefs.