Meryl Streep: ‘BS Detective’ Reporters Are Saving the U.S. From Tyranny and State-Sanctioned News: Meryl Streep had her chance to end rape culture in Hollywood. She kept her mouth shut and her pay checks fat. Much like how she kept silent for the years in which the media was a defacto arm of the Obama White House. Warning: Vid contains strong language.

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6 Comments on "Meryl Streep: ‘Bullshit Detective’ Reporters Are Saving the U.S. From Tyranny and State-Sanctioned News"

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Why so many people hate her? May be she does not speak for some reasons.


Because she’s an actress trying to be a political pundit?

Not so silent

“I is an actress, I is smart, so yous better listen to me, cause I gradgutated actor skewll”….Who F*cking cares what she says? And why do these idiot reporters keep asking these pretend people for an opinion? Might as well ask a monkey.


I could give a flying f**k what an actor (trained monkey) has to say. So much so, that I haven’t been to a theater to see a movie since 1993. To me they’re the equivalent of a drug dealer or loan shark. They recite someone else’s words while being told how to do it by a director. BFD! Nothing that millions of other non-actors couldn’t do. The vast majority of them are nothing more than a bunch of overpaid, narcissistic, egotistical, heavily medicated pieces of s**t that probably sold their souls to get where they’re at. I’ve got more respect for garbage men and honey dippers than asshat actors.


She probably only reads scripts, she has no idea what a dictionary is unless somebody explained it to her.

Joe Redfield

I couldn’t make it past the point where she described the MSM as “intrepid”; she needs to consult a dictionary before shooting her mouth off.