Mueller investigation enters new phase: Yes, it has entered the “we can’t find any criminal activity so now it is time to try and engineer some process crimes like we did against Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart” phase. For those of you that have been paying attention this is pretty much the opposite of the “we know you’re guilty of several felonies but are going to allow you to get away with it” phase that Hillary Clinton has benefited from for most of her adult life.

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This show should be canceled and Mueller along with all his dip shit underlings fired. It is nothing more than a side show to distract and to impede what Trump wants to get done. You have the likes of whiney Pauli and droopy eyes Mitch doing nothing but tossing the dip shit salads. The msm along with all the quagmire hold overs are hell bent to stop and or destroy trump. The fear what he is about to do. Make this nation great again and give the power back to the people. How dare he?

Time to call bull shit on this show and march every last dip shit out in front of the American people and have them each and every one state where the evidence is at that the Russians did anything to affect the outcome of the election.


All this is a Demotard sponsored fishing expedition, and they’re hoping if they dig deep enough, they might find something. They don’t even care if they have to go back 20 years to try to indict Trump. Never mind that it has nothing to do with the election or his presidency, as long as they can play “gotcha” they’ll be happy. What pisses me off the most is that the Repubs are complicit, and it even appears that they are happy with this.


The swamp is secretly cheering them on 😡



Not so silent

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What bothers me is the blatant corruption of it all and that they really don’t care that people know it is corrupt or they think that people don’t know it is corrupt… either way they believe us to be stupid or what are we going to do about it even if we aren’t… It is amazing.