Muslim officer who shot Australian women charged with murder. Good. It’s a start. This is the Minneapolis diversity hire who refused to answer investigators’ questions after killing an innocent woman, apparently relying upon his ethnic status to protect him from consequences.

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Look to see the Reverends and screwy Louie getting panties in a bunch over this. Justice served only because it was a white woman and all that BS.


Especially because the cop is a Mooselimb.

Not so silent

Minnesota is one of those states without a death penalty, so the taxpayers will be supporting this Somali terrorist for life. Wonder how many more of these pieces of human debris got “fast tracked” through the police academy to satisfy the libtards?


As the resident Minnesotan on this board, I will tell you most people do not want fast track carve outs for the purposes of “diversity”. We want qualified people as law enforcement, but the political powers in Minneapolis & Hennepin County will forge ahead with sub par idiots who put the population at risk in the name of “diversity”.


Apparently there were all kinds of warning signs about this guy that suggested he didn’t belong in a police uniform, but the mayor wanted a Muslim and made him her poster child. Is that about right?


Why do you good folks up there put up with it? We have a problem with “ethnic” equality in New Mexico only it is with Hispanics. And we do not tolerate “ethnic” hiring, we dump all over the clowns who do such things instead of hiring qualified officers no matter what their ethnicity is. It’s a tough row to hoe at times but it can be done! All it takes is enough sane people wanting the right thing to make it happen.