NJ Tyrant & Legislator Loretta Weinberg’s Newest Bill Bans Travel to Free States. Achtung! Achtung! Loretta should get a swastika armband to wear to work.

Weinberg has introduced a Bill S2402 that prohibits any and all State-sponsored travel to 37 States that do not currently require firearms purchasers or owners to obtain a permission slip or ID card from the State.

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Damn I had a high school English teacher that looked just like that.


You have my most sincere condolences.


LMOAO…We see these stories about school teachers who “abused” a male student and I think DAMN! Where were these teachers when I was in high school? All my teachers looked like Mrs. Doubtfire.

You guys around here admit it, nookie was the only thing on your mind by the time you were 15. And if you had a good looking teacher come on to you, you wouldn’t nail her? hahaha. Don’t lie guys!


Here was a great response on the story host website…

Criminal Travel Protection… Steal a car or some other state criminal law violation such as murder and flee to a FREE State. NJ won’t be able to send two cops or even hired private agents to extradite. If I was a criminal I’d think this was a great idea. Don’t let cops travel.
So not only do criminals like the disarmed victims in NJ, they will love the travel restriction.

…that will likely be the story. But none of that will matter to progressive thugs like Loretta Weinberg, who no doubt trusts the 10 pillars of communism over the Bill of Rights.


Interesting how she goes after some people (ie, former Gov Fatso) but not others (buddy Bernie Madoff, who made-off with $1.3M of her money). Funny how this bitch has lots of dough to lose, eh?

Per Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loretta_Weinberg#Bernard_Madoff_investment_loss
Weinberg lost $1.3 million in a retirement fund that had been invested through a Beverly Hills, California financial planner with Bernard Madoff, without her knowledge. Other family members had also invested money with the same advisor. In an interview with The New York Times Weinberg stated that she did not expect to recoup her loss but she was “determined not to make this the centerpiece of my life”, stating that she would “have to budget myself very carefully over the next several years”

Joe Redfield

I think all New Jersey public employees(plus those from NY and CA)should be banned from traveling to all other states to protect them from the ferocious, well-armed natives in the rest of the country.


So the rest of the country doesn’t have to endure visits from New Jersey bureaucrats? Sounds good to me.


100% in agreement. If she had any chutzpah she would have banned all interstate commerce with those states.Coward.

Not so silent

Good! Then we don’t have to put up with these Jerkoff’s from New Jersey showing up in normal states telling us how we should live our lives. People like this wrinkled old crow think they are so damn smart. Stay in New Jersey, keep your liberal trash right where it belongs.