Obama endorses ending 1 day of mail delivery. Isn’t it funny. The only time this man seems interested in cuts is when it comes to Constitutionally sanctioned programs that provide at least some return service to the tax payer. Sure, maybe the Post Office is a concept that has passed us by and needs to be restructured or even shut down. But it is hardly the first thing on the list that needs to be cut. But that is par for the norm. As always with Obamanomics “the first to pay are last to play”.

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How about 1 time per month,
neah just shut the whole thing down.



I’d be fine with one day per week delivery. Then I’d only have to pick up my junk mail once a week. Wouldn’t that be nice?!


The Post Office needs to stop giving breaks to the damn mailbox spammers. Yeah, sure, the crap comes in pre-sorted, but it’s CRAP. Charge ’em MORE than first-class rates, and you’ll see (and have to deliver) a whole lot less of it.


No Saturday service….that’ll do it for now. They continue bleeding and will be looking at ending Wednesday sservice within 3 years.

Buck O'Fama

Hey, that’s the first real cut of any kind the jerk has proposed in 3 years. The UN trying to save money with “smart paper solutions” looks like a financial Jack the Ripper next to Obama. If Obama got a paper cut, he’d demand 300 billion in new taxes to “balance” it.