Obama White House “Hostile Workplace for Women.” That was quote was from Anita Dunn, a former Obama communications director. And here’s Christina Romer: “I felt like a piece of meat.” We knew Michelle harassed Barry, but didn’t know it extended to the women in the White House.

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Dan Pfeiffer is a spineless puppet. And yes, there are plenty of people that work in the WH that are too embarrassed to ever admit they served under this Obamic comic. They talked trash about him secretly and NOW it’s “I didn’t say that!” They are continuously running scared cuz they need the fame and power even though he treats them like white trash. LMAO. A bunch of paranoid puppets. I bet “O” has contemplated suicide having to put up with Mudshell. I picture her as a voodoo witch flying around in the air on a broom screeching and screaming out orders to her slaves. Billary looks like a debutant compared to Mudshell. But she’s just as much a socialist as the “O” clan. I bet she runs AGAIN.

Kip Hooker

Obama must suffer from the battered husband syndrome. And because he’s constantly getting beat down by Michelle he has to take out his frustrations on the woman in his life that aren’t allowed to put him in his place.

Buck O'Fama
Buck O'Fama

Damn, what would her hero Mao say? Probably something like “Put that $@#@# b*tch to work on the farm or else shoot her.” Now THAT’S a hostile workplace for ya.