Prof exposes $11 million payroll for ‘diversicrats’ at UMich. If you’re an alumni you may want to consider throwing your donations in the fireplace.

Mark Perry, who is also an American Enterprise Institute scholar, notes that the average salary of these “diversicrats” is $10,000 higher than the $82,000 average salary of a Ph.D-holding assistant professor.

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As a graduate of the University of Michigan, this just makes me sick to my stomach. $11 million being spent for absolutely no worthwhile or productive purpose. They might as well pile up $11 million in the center of the quad and light it on fire.

Actually, now that I think about it, burning a pile of money would cause considerably less harm to the environment of the university than having 93 trouble-making diversity bureaucrats slithering around.

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

93?! That’s hardly any, given the pervasive sexism and racism at the U of M; there should be more of them(one per student) and they should be better armed.