Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me “Scripted Question” After Denying Question About Armed Guards.We don’t know if you watched the great waa-waa gun debate or not but per our below Tweet we figured this was rigged.

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Dave K
Not so silent

Dana Loesch has to be escorted by her armed security from there last night. She said one lady tried to rush the stage. Another tried to attack her as she was leaving.

Not so silent

Little Jake Tapper was a former employee of a gun control group i believe….or had his hand in it somehow….I seriously hope Little Jake gets hit by a car driven by an drunken illegal and ends up in a coma….


Well there is a big friggin’ DOH for everyone! I have been saying from the beginning that the lame stream media was hand picking the people to be interviewed and made sure they asked the questions, gave answers, everything scripted to push their anti-gun agenda.

Meanwhile in the normal world where we Americans live we have been trying to figure out what will really work to keep children in school safe. Like armed security guards roaming the halls. Or teachers who are trained be allowed to carry a sidearm at all times. Or locking the school down during class hours and not allowing anyone to enter when they want without an armed security guard letting them in. Getting rid of stupid “gun free zone” signs and putting up signs that tell everyone that armed security and teachers are in this school and they will kill you if you try to harm the kids in this school.

Realistic, common sense ideas instead of all this ban guns bullshit that the lame stream media and liberals are screaming about. Which brings me to the most important part of my rant, friggin’ liberals have no common sense. They have a one track mind, one thought, banning guns will solve all our problems. There are an estimated 300 million firearms owned by citizens in this country. Estimated because nobody really knows, not even the gooberment.

And the only way to rid America of all guns is for gooberment agents to bust into every home in every city, town, hamlet, village, in every county and state in the country and confiscate every gun. Even farm and ranch houses far out in the sticks where nobody else lives. And that will never happen. Might as well try to drive corks up all the cows asses to stop cow farting from destroying the planet.


Yep, CNN made sure only questions in favor of gun control were heard, AND

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was caught tweeting a fake news story about a kid buying an AR-15 in five minutes with no ID, WHICH

fake news story ended up being repeated during President Trump’s roundtable discussion by some student who got it from Chris Cuomo, AND

MSNBC accused the governor of refusing to come out of his office and talk to student survivors while he was actually at a funeral for one of the students who was killed.

This is our mainstream media covering the gun-control hysteria. As journalists, they are worthless.

Joe Redfield

They’re worthless as human beings, too.