Tree of Life Rabbi Shoots Down CNN’s Attempt to Blame Trump for Attack — Trump ‘Always Welcome’ to Our Synagogue. So much for more MSM bullshit. Then they wonder why Trump chastises them about being fake news.

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Yet again the dumbasses over at CNN just cant believe what is happening to them every time they try and paint Trump as something that he’s not. They need to look into the mirror and to check out what the hildabeast and Soros are saying and doing. Those are your true racist and anti Semites. Do not forget for a single moment Soros was part of the “collection crew” for those who were Jewish in Europe during WWII.

Not so silent
Not so silent

I see the hacks and shit disturbers PAID by Soros were saying the president was not welcome in Filphydelphia. And of course it the republicans fault that a nazi sympathizer/Jew hater and Trump hater did this…Never mind it was a democrat once again that shoots and kills innocent people and the democrats are all ready fundraising on their anti-gun bullshit. They keep going they are going to be in a world of hurt. There is a lot of people who are sick of their shit and are going to push back. If we had a real Attorney General we could go after people like Soros and Steiner for sedation and maybe even treason.