Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War.’ People like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are dangerous. Jack should take a trip to Venezuela and see what happens when you have a dictatorship, which is what will happen as a result of single party control. Meanwhile stock up on guns and ammo.

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Bet this hypocrite twat owns a gun.


Go ahead and start something you don’t have the balks or stomach to finish.


The majority of liberal strongholds are large cities.

Will not take much to block the roads, blow the bridges and overpasses, sink a few freighters in the harbors. pockmark the runways, shut off the power and water, and wait them out.

Not so silent

I was just reading about Grant’s siege of Vicksburg. They waited out the confederates until the confederates were down to eating rats.
Venezuela anyone? Most of the libtards would be killing each other in the first few days. And you forgot to mention shut down social media, the may kill themselves within minutes.


That little twatter does not want to see what a civil war looks like, he will be crapping in his drawers. War is ugly, millions of us veterans know that, and little socialist dikheads better remember, we are the ones with the guns. And we know how to use them.

Joe Redfield

We’re missing three letters from ‘social media’ – ‘i’, ‘s’, and ‘t’.