Two of California’s Largest Labor Unions Endorse Feinstein’s Dem Primary Opponent. DiFi’s not be paying off like a rigged slot machine anymore? California values? Yeah like letting illegal alien killers off the hook, spending $25Billion per year on illegal aliens, spending billions on Jerry Brown’s choo-choo to nowhere, letting the state infrastructure collapse, a pension fund that’s around $1Billion in the hole, taxes up the wazoo, overpriced gasoline and diesel, stupid gun control laws, letting convicted felons out of prison…we could keep going but the shithole list is too long.

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SEIU are still legbreaking, rabble-rousing thugs.

Dave K

Basically two sides of the same coin but I don’t mind witnessing them eating their own. Matter of fact, I enjoy it.

Not so silent

Kevin Deleon is not his real name, Kevn Leon is, he added the “De’ when he wanted to be more hispanic. As far as SEIU they are a terrorist organization in Kalifornia, plain and simple, they use violence and intimidation to have their members vote the democrat way, because the piles of shit occupying the state capital in Sacratomato get bucketloads of money from the SEIU. Can’t wait for the supreme court to toss out the mandatory union dues that is coming up before them. SEIU is gonna scream like a little bitch when their “mandatory” dues get cut off.

Joe Redfield

The problem is that by California standards, Feinstein is the moderate in this race.


Of course. As soon as I saw it SEIU, I knew that the problem with Feinstein was that she’s not quite bad enough.