Wealthy exodus to escape new tax rules worries California Democrats. Yeah dummies. Tax the snot out of the rich and they leave. Wait until the morons in Sacramento figure out the middle class are leaving too.

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As long as they don’t come to New Mexico. “Movie stars” have invaded places like Santa Fe and Taos, driving up property values and taxes so local folks who have lived there for generations cannot afford to live there anymore. So they sell out to some other rich stupid from Kalifornia.

Yankees from New York and New Jersey have invaded Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, and are now trying to get us New Mexicans to give up our guns and allow illegal aliens to stay. If these invaders think their ideas are so good why didn’t they stay home and try to make things better in their state? Why come to my state and try to f**k things up for us?

Bible thumping, gun owning, hillbilly, veteran, proud Americans are welcome. Everyone else stay home and shit in your own nest.


Red eye radio hosts last night were talking that they are proposing an amendment to the Kali constitution to raise corporate taxes 7%, now that Trump has lowered the federal rate. The increase in revenue would not be slated to fund underfunded retirement accounts or pay for budget shortfalls; rather they intend to use it to increase ‘social services.’

I’ve not been able to find a story that confirms their reporting, buy I don’t recall them ever being wrong on anything.

Not so silent

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Dave K

That’s been happening for years in several of the liberal utopia strongholds. California to Texas, Illinois to Indiana, NY/NJ to PA, etc.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

So when is Moonbeam going to institute a NJ style exit tax? That will keep em from leaving….