New Movie About the Fight to Release the Pentagon Papers: Oh wow, another movie about the fight against a guy that 45 years ago failed to do to a single hotel room what Barack Obama did to the entire country. It does make you wonder though, how can the same left that lionized Daniel Ellsberg hold nothing but contempt for Julian Assange? And if you’ve figured that out let us pose another. How could the star of this movie (Meryl Streep) excoriate Trump for locker room talk, while failing to blow the whistle on the rape culture that pervades Hollywood? A rape culture that was only possible because those that knew something, said nothing.

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Not so silent

I wonder how bad this will fail? Every movie the rapist pedofiles in Hollyweird produce to “enlighten” us know-nothings ends up as a $2.99 DVD at Walmart…,


Hope it bombs as bad as George Clooney’s white guilt movie “Suburbicon”.

Jim Stewart

Oh good, another movie I can add to my do-not-watch list.


If Assange was ripping the GOP a new asshole the left would be all for him.

Joe Redfield

A blast from the past, when the Left was anti-government. How things have changed…