Trumpism Stumbles in Virginia, and Republicans Fall to a Democratic Wave. Alternate headline: Areas that rely on big government to make them wealthy vote for big government candidates that will keep the pork rolling. Democrats misread the cue, repeat their mistakes from 2016.

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They can fool themselves and crow about “Trumpism” stumbling but the truth is just the opposite. Gillespie rejected Trump and Trump’s supporters rejected Gillespie. Any questions?


Basically, gov’t workers who work in DC, which has grown out of control, had their way in the VA election. Hard to believe.

NJ elected a progressive Dem after having a loud RINO who really only excited conservatives because he beat down some teachers & their union at a presser years ago. He has been a zero since. Shocking.

No losses, because you cannot lose what you never had.




Gillespie is nothing more than a swamp rat who tried in the last few days to become a member of Trumpism. He backed Jebster, then wouldn’t come any where near Trump after he won the nomination.

The dip shits picked up a single governorship, New Jersey and that was not that big a jump as Christy is RINO.

Jim Stewart

Trumpism was not on the ballot. The candidates for gov in VA and NJ never embraced Trump. So the governor count is 33 Republicans, 16 Democrats. Yeah, the Democrats rule only in their minds.

Not so silent

Just remember….

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Joe Redfield

I wish the New Yorker would define “Trumpism” before declaring it dead.