50 Dog Behaviors And What They Mean. If you’ve always wondered what your dog was telling here it is. They did miss one about hunting dog behavior.

3 duck hunters were out and bragging about their bird dogs. The first guy says “my dog can go over that hill if there’s ducks he’ll come back and tell me”. He tells the dog “go.” The dog goes over the hill and comes back and paws the ground once. The hunter says “see he’s telling me there’s ducks over there.”

The second hunter says “my dog can tell him how many ducks.” He sends his dog over another hill and the dog comes back and paws the ground 4 times. He says “see, my dog’s telling me there’s 4 ducks over that hill.”

The 3rd hunter doesn’t say anything but sends his dog over another hill. The dog doesn’t come back and the other two hunters are laughing at his dumb dog. The dog finally returns and starts humping his owner’s leg. The other two start laughing again making comments about his dumb dog. The 3rd hunter says “you guys don’t get it. He’s telling me there’s so many f**king ducks over the hill that he can’t count them.”

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A hunter was showing off his squirrel dog to a friend. It was no time before the dog had a squirrel treed. The hunters walk up and the dog has one paw on the tree as he barked. The owner said that that means there is one squirrel in the tree. Sure enough there was only one squirrel. They went on and soon they heard him barking again. They get to the tree and the dog has both paws on the tree. That means there are two or more in the tree. they looked until they spotted three squirrels. The owners friend was really impressed and started trying to talk the owner into selling. They could hear the dog barking again but took their time getting there because of the discussion about selling the dog. As they walked up to the tree the dog had one paw on the tree and the tip of it’s tail stuck in his butt. The owner explains that there is one squirrel but we messed around and let him get in a hole.


I think we all have one dog in our life who we will never forget. Mine was Jack, who I wrote about on my website one Christmas: Christmas blues. But the greatest dog I ever saw, objectively speaking, was my sister’s dog, Zeke. Zeke was a mutt with some kind of warrior ancestors because that’s how you had to describe him, a warrior. Zeke would take on anything and kick its ass. He wasn’t especially large but he had a conveniently thick layer of hair all around his neck that protected his vulnerable jugular in a fight. I think if Zeke ever got dumped in a wilderness and a pack of wolves attacked him, ten minutes later he would be the leader of the pack. He wasn’t a mean dog, he had a friendly disposition, he only fought when he or his own were under attack, and then he simply won. More than once he had to be taken to the vet after dispatching a porcupine that dared intrude into my sister’s yard. Sure those quills hurt but Zeke had to protect the yard and my sister’s kids from a dangerous invader, right? That was his job. He used to trot from my sister’s cottage to my parents’ house for a treat once a day, and one time there were renters along the way who had two Dobermans. Those Dobermans saw Zeke trotting by and attacked as a team. My sister’s neighbor saw it happen. He said Zeke heard them growling as they attacked, turned to meet them, casually waited for them to arrive, and then tore them to shreds. The whole fight lasted less then ten seconds and then the Dobermans were headed back to their owner, bleeding and with their tails between their legs. Then he proceeded with his daily journey after treats. Dogs like Zeke should never be forgotten. If I was hiking in grizzly country, I’d want a dog like Zeke along.