ABC’s Bianna Golodryga-Orszag has officially screwed her way to the middle

by editor on May 9, 2010


Bianna Golodryga-Orszag follows in the nepotistic footsteps of Christopher Cuomo on Good Morning, American Democrats

Sexpot and nepot Bianna Golodryga-Orszag, wife of Peter Orszag, President Obama’s top economic advisor (that’s what’s called damning with faint praise), has been given a cushy new gig by ABC News.

And who better to break the news than ABC News itself:

Bianna Golodryga has been named the co-anchor of the weekend edition of “Good Morning America,” ABC News president David Westin announced today.

Golodryga will join co-anchor Bill Weir, news anchor Ron Claiborne and weather anchor Marysol Castro on the broadcast beginning this Saturday.

“Since coming to ABC News in July 2007, Bianna has distinguished the network with her reporting on the economy and recent financial crisis,” Westin said in an e-mail to the ABC News staff about the announcement.

Oddly enough, ABC mentions Golodryga’s marriage to Obama’s advisor in neither the press release announcing her promotion nor in her official network biography.

But then, why should they? News organizations hiring relatives of influential Democrats really isn’t news anymore, is it?

Source: ABC News

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KimmyQueen, I don’t think there are very many liberal pretty ladies period. Most are of the rosie odonnel or jennine garafalo variety.

matthew s harrison
matthew s harrison

I am still trying to figure out who would ever touch Peter Orzag-he is the biggest homo I have ever been in the same room with. He is a complete turd-and a wuss-and oh I could go on and on!


Looking forward to know if this is going to be another liberal pretty lady who is dumb and clueless or a liberal pretty lady who is angry at the world for no reason and screams racism or any other ism every moment she gets. Sadly so far there aren’t any liberal pretty ladies that are smart, capable and not angry and scream an -ism every moment they get.


Its not who you know , its who you blow


Gee, wonder what kind of perky reports about the great obama administrations the dumbys that watch that show will see?


Be glad they never hired Janet Reno.