Abedin’s mom made sure Clinton’s Saudi speech omitted ‘freedom’ and ‘driving for women,’ emails show Yep, Hillary is a real women’s libber and feminist.

“Do not use the political terms such as ‘democracy/ elections/ freedom.’ Do not use the term ‘empowerment of women’ instead say ‘enabling women’ and use other terms such as ‘partnership/participation,’” Saleha Abedin wrote. “Do not even mention driving for women! The last visitor received a torrent of rejoinders from the students who said they have more important challenges to contend with.”

She added: “Don’t sound sympathetic to ‘women’s plight’ or be ‘patronizing’ as other visitors have done and made the students extremely annoyed. They rightly consider these as in-house issues that they would like to address themselves and not for outsiders, no matter how well intentioned, to come in and tell them.”

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Not so silent
Not so silent

Yet the libtards scream about how unfair America is too women…Muslim Twit…I hope she gets stoned to death.

Joe Redfield
Joe Redfield

Ordinarily, I would say that it is long past the time when we should stop piling on the loser of the last Presidential election, but these are not ordinary times and that awful woman will just not shut up. It is now time to pile on even more. Maybe Trump will start calling her ‘traitor Hillary’.