Disability backlog tops 1 million; thousands die on waitlist. Today’s government travesty. The Social Security Administration must be competing with the VA to see how many people they can let die.

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Sputnik Monroe

Socialist Security disability is a joke: get your own private disability insurance. SSDI, like Obamacare , needs to go bye-bye. Medicare opioid candy distribution is another joke: buy your heroin on the street like everyone else. Take two aspirin or get it through a drug-dealer like fat-ass El Rushbo

Dave K

I’ve dealt with both SS and the VA and they’re both clusterfvcks with hundreds of hoops to jump through. The system is FUBAR and has been for years and years.

Oh and don’t forget about food stamps/EBT cards. So much fraud, so much waste, so many overpaid administrators.


The SS disability list is a frickin disaster. I myself know three different people getting disability who are not disabled in any sense of the word. They wouldn’t be backlogged if they prosecuted some of these scamsters and let the world know there are repercussions. So what’s happening is the scammers are preventing the legitimately disabled from getting benefits. It’s disgusting.

Not so silent

How about the illegals and immigrants who come here and get SSI disability right off the bat? Try that in another country (other than the commie E.U.) and see what happens.