Al Gore nets another $29 million for being Al Gore. This is what’s wrong with America – instead of smart industrious people, dumb connected people are the ones getting rich.

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So, Fat Bastard has found another way to help pay for jet fuel for his private jet so he can tell us how we are all using too much fossil fuels.
How good of him to be concerned about the planet.

Elrond Hubbard

Gore is just another rich liberal like Danny Glover, attacking the free market while making millions off of it.


Danny Glover has been a non factor since the “Lethal Weapon” movies. I find Glover way more offensive then Mel Gibson.

Not so silent

So the weather whore strikes again…..He should be arrested for prostitution…I want to slap his ugly f*cking face with a two by four,numerous times.


According to the article, he owns another 61,574 options, so he has another giant payday waiting for whenever he needs more massage money.

Seems to me Apple is overpaying it’s directors. Boards of directors never do anything anyway – they’re just there for publicity purposes. I mean, seriously, Al Gore is dumber than a box of rocks, everybody knows that, so why do they have to pay him $60 million to be on their board? He’d probably do it for a free IPad and massage.