The Goracle speaks, 2009 Edition: Snow and ice are quickly disappearing around the world

by editor on January 3, 2011

Al Gore is a lot like Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog. He disappears every winter and reappears again when it’s nice and warm again and the snow is starting to melt.

Gore may wish he could do something else like Punxsutawney Phil – take this embarrassing 2009 prediction down a hole and bury it. has the details from a mere 13 months ago:

Snow and ice across the planet are melting much faster than anticipated, and the cryosphere – the Earth’s ice and snow cover – is very vulnerable to climate change, finds a new report presented today at the United Nations Climate Summit by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Snow cover is diminishing, and glaciers from the Himalayas to the Alps are melting rapidly, with the greatest reductions in the Andes and the Rockies, the report shows.

The study was commissioned by Gore and Støre as they co-chaired the conference Melting Ice: Regional Dramas, Global Wake-Up Call on April 28 in the town of Tromsø in northern Norway. A group of the world’s most knowledgeable climate researchers produced the report, coordinated by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Your choice is clear, ladies and gentlemen. You can believe Al Gore or you can believe your lyin’ eyes.


Uh-oh, Al. Record snowfall in New York.


Uh-oh, Al. Record snowfall in Paris.


Uh-oh, Al. Summer snowfall in Australia.


Uh-oh, Al. Record snowfall in China.


Uh-oh, Al. Record snowfall in the Sierra Nevadas.


Uh-oh, Al. Record snowfall in Great Britain.


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Old Goat

I hope that all of you in the States (and Al Gore) are ready for your next bout of Global Warming, coast to coast.


Snow in Southern California, the first white Christmas ever recorded in mmm, Raleigh, NC I believe. Sorry Al.


Who’s Al Gore?


I wish I could ask that question in all sincerity.

Al Gore, er, Maddog

Looks like I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue!


It was hard for me to read this because I was blinded by all the snow.

Old Goat

I’ve never understood why this ex-putative president no-mark has ever been taken seriously by anyone. Apart from stealing someone else’s peace prize, what has he ever done for any of us? Seems strange that he and the other notorious holders of non-earned peace prizes are such imbecilic, empty figures. Is it a charisma thing? I’ve never associated Gore with charisma, or Obama (although I am aware thay many have) or Pachauri, for that matter – perhaps it’s some sort of mysticism that they exude, which affects (and infects) the gullible unfortunates amongst us. Sadly, the gullible seem to hold power over the rest of us, and we have to do (and believe) what they tell us to.

If Al Gore says we are destroying the planet, gives his “reasons”, and the more intellectually scientific amongst us can tell at a glance that the message is obviously bogus, why is his word taken as gospel? It must be due to common purpose, that insidious, creeping mycelium of ideology espoused by many governmental bodies that is undermining democracy, and the sane, settled world that most of us have known and recognise.

And we, for some obscure and inexplicable reason, appear to be powerless to halt it in its tracks. Maybe we ARE sheep, after all.


global warming is really as real as ManBearPigggggggg!


Give it up Al, you old full of crap windbag. I live in the South and we had record snowfall.


Fresh off the slopes from Keystone Resort in CO and Snowy Range Resort in WY and I can report that heavy snowfall has accounted for there already being twice as much base at the beginning of the season than there was all of last year, according to employees WHO ACTUALLY WORK AND LIVE THERE!

Sorry, Al.


oooohhh how fun!